Jan 26, 2021
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Efim Shifrin spoke for the first time about his only failed marriage

14:08, 26.01.2021

The artist married at the age of 26, but the lovers quickly divorced.

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For many years, it was believed that 64-year-old Efim Shifrin never married. The artist did not advertise his personal life in principle, not considering it necessary to talk about it. It is known that Shifrin has no children.

Today Shifrin has become a guest of the “Fate of a Man” program. In the studio of the show, the artist remembered his only marriage, which was short-lived. He was then only 26 years old. After that, Shifrin never married again.

Efim Shifrin in the studio of the show “The Fate of a Man”

“People, in whose fate there was an unfortunate experience of love, they seem to me hardened people. This experience hardens more than cold water and morning douches. But, I want to say that I have never been alone. It’s just that experience taught me that in the relationship between two people who are going to be together, the main thing is respect, ”Yefim shared in a conversation with the host of the program Boris Korchevnikov.

As Shifrin noted, you should not try to re-educate the people with whom you are building relationships. “If you want to crush them for yourself, to make them comfortable, nothing will come of it. Or you pretend to be a single organism, but completely deprive each other of freedom. I’m not talking about physical infidelity now, “- said the humorist.

Efim Shifrin on stage

Yefim added that he was never alone. “All this is attributed to me for some reason. I don’t need to sympathize. I shore close to these flies and yellow editions. I don’t appear on the covers of magazines with those with whom I share the roof. I don’t like invasion of privacy. This is my credo, ”Shifrin explained his position.

It should be noted that Shifrin actively maintains his microblogging on Instagram. In it, he often publishes archival photographs with colleagues and talks about filming interesting projects. The artist also shows videos and footage from his workouts, to which he devotes a lot of time.

64-year-old Efim Shifrin boasted that he lifts the bar 115 times

Shifrin said more than once that he went to his excellent physical shape by persistent training in the gym. The showman does not hide the fact that he has been playing sports for a long time to keep the body in good shape. From the age of 40, he is seriously interested in bodybuilding. And in 2006, the actor even received a diploma from the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports, the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of the Moscow government for promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Efim Shifrin in training

Recall that on account of Shifrin dozens of works in cinema. He starred in the films “Bolotnaya Street“,” Gloss “, the series”Hero of our tribe“And a number of other paintings. In 2013, the actor took part in the filming of the second season of the rating series about doctors “Sklifosovsky-2” and appeared in the musical “Three Heroes” with the participation of Boris Smolkin, Yuri Stoyanov, Andrey Danilko, Yuri Galtsev, Anna Semenovich, Yuri Askarov, Anastasia Stotskaya, Alexei Vorobyov. Efim also played many stage roles in various theaters, including in the performances “I don’t know you anymore, dear”, “Love with a jerk”, “Confused”, “Goat, or Who is Sylvia”, “Rumors”. The premiere of “Dragon” based on the play took place in the Teatrium on Serpukhovka in 2006 Evgeny Schwartz, where Shifrin performed the Burgomaster.

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