Jan 26, 2021
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Efim Shifrin spoke about his hidden wife

Actor and comedian Efim Shifrin became a guest of the “Rock of a Man” program on the “Russia-1” channel.

Efim Shifrin spoke about his hidden wife

In an open conversation with the host of the program, Boris Korchevnikov, the artist spoke about his hidden wife. It turned out that Efim Shifrin was lonely for a long time, because he hid his wife from the public.

It is famous that the actor got married in his youth, but his union did not last long. Already at the age of 26, he multiplied with his wife.

After the break in relations, Efim Shifrin did not think about an alliance. He also ratified in all his interviews that he had never been married, thereby deleting his ex-spouse from life.

Boris Korchevnikov asked why the artist deleted that woman from his life and never talked about her before.

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