Sep 16, 2022
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Effectively posing against the background of the fountain, the girl fell into the water

posing in front of a fountainMany photos and videos are spectacular and memorable for a different reason than originally planned.

posing in front of a fountain

For example, girlfriends Hayley and Tori, who stayed at the hotel and decided to shoot in front of the fountain, expected that everything would turn out incredibly beautiful. But alas, Hayley ruined the moment by inadvertently falling into the water and getting soaked to the skin. Of course, Tori rushed to save her friend, although she couldn’t help but smile a few times.

posing in front of a fountain

Perhaps the reason for Hayley’s fall and bathing is that it was the same night that the ladies had a great time at a bachelorette party that did not do without alcohol.

Looking at the drone, the girl fell into the fountain

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