Jul 30, 2022
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Edita Piekha spoke about her loneliness


Singer Edita Piekha admitted who is the closest person to her.

In a frank interview, Edita Piekha spoke about her personal life. She speaks warmly of her friend and assistant Vera, with whom she has lived side by side for more than 50 years. But relatives do not often visit the Soviet pop star.

Now the People’s Artist of the USSR is cared for by her faithful friend and assistant Vera Zaraiskaya. They first met after a concert in Sochi. Then, as a young girl, Vera approached Edita Piekha along with a crowd of fans.

Vera, who was once in an orphanage, has been with me for 50-something years. Her mother was a seriously ill woman and she was taken away. I even took her here, to this house. Vera is a good person, but she is an orphan. She is not spoiled by affection and my faithful page. Her mother died. She spent half her life in an orphanage“, – the pop singer shares the details of her assistant’s childhood.

After a short backstage meeting, the fans went back to their hotel rooms. Vera remained standing and confessed to the singer that she had no housing and was going to spend the night at the station. The young artist took pity on the orphan brought up in an orphanage.

Edita Piekha - photo from the archive -
Edita Piekha – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

She says to me: “But I don’t have a number. I’m at the station.” I took her to my room. Artists are pampered, I had three rooms. I wake up in the morning: breakfast is on the table, the concert tights are washed. It’s like she’s been with me all my life. Immediately entered the role of hostess. I took her with me and I don’t think it hurt her”, – recalls 84-year-old Edita Stanislavovna.

Since then, the artist and her fan have been inseparable. Piekha even invited Vera to live with her, in a house near St. Petersburg.

During the interview, Edita Stanislavovna complained: grandchildren are not frequent guests in her house. She joked that she didn’t know for sure if they loved her.

Grandchildren rarely visit, of course. When they are in St. Petersburg, and then not always. The fact is that they have a different upbringing. If they call, I’m happy. They have different feelings for me. I love them, these are my grandchildren. I hope they love me too. I do not know, the questionnaire was not carried out”, – the singer said in the show “Let them talk” on Channel One.

Earlier, 41-year-old Stas Piekha, the grandson of Edita Stanislavovna, spoke about his excellent relationship with his grandmother, despite the mean meetings. He tries to support a well-known relative not only financially, but is also ready to lend a shoulder in difficult times.

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