Feb 17, 2021
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Edgar Zapashny: I am still ashamed of the “affair” with Temnikova

The famous Russian trainer Edgar Zapashny is still blushing his “romance” with the singer Elena Temnikova. He said that it was a competent PR move, on which the producers persuaded him.

Edgar Zapashny: I am still ashamed of the

Edgar never married, but he had a long affair with the circus gymnast Elena Petrikova. She said that they were both against the union and did not find that a stamp in the form could change something in life. When they met, they tried to hide their relationship from the public. Zapashny noted that the century was against drawing people’s attention to his persona and individual life.

However, one day Edgar had to play a romance with another woman in front of the idolized one. The performer and at that time a member of the Serebro group Elena Temnikova was also a hostage of the situation. The producers were persuaded to support their team. The situation was a bit outlandish, so much as if the trainer and the singer had never known each other for centuries. Their PR romance lasted two months, but Edgar is still ashamed of deceiving people.

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