Oct 17, 2020
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Edgar Mitchell: we saw a UFO in space during the moon landing

Unidentified flying objects appear on Earth and in space more and more often, therefore they are of great interest both for researchers of the UFO phenomenon and for traditional scientists who do not like to rush to conclusions. Only a few dozen people have visited space, so people have always been interested in what astronauts could see during their flights, as well as during the American landing on the moon.

There are various rumors and speculations about the American Apollo mission, during which American astronauts landed on the moon. Some people believe that the United States has never been on the moon, and all the frames allegedly from the lunar surface were shot on Earth. Others are sure that the Americans not only saw UFOs on the Moon, but also came into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, who forbade them to visit our satellite, because there are from the base.

Edgar Mitchell is one of the few people who had a chance to visit not only space, but also to enter the moon. He has repeatedly made statements regarding extraterrestrial civilizations and the UFO phenomenon. This astronaut spoke several times about the fact that the truth about contacts with alien civilizations is carefully hidden, including at NASA.

Moreover, Mitchell talked about the appearance of alien representatives, stories about which he heard from his colleagues at NASA. Some of these creatures are extremely similar to people, but much smaller in stature, while other representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have an appearance that is often shown in science fiction films and eyewitnesses of meetings tell. A large head and large eyes - this is how most people imagine the appearance of aliens.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut, also talked about extraterrestrial technology that is far ahead of us in development. The following words of the American astronaut sound quite interesting:

For the past 60 years or so, all of our governments have been hiding it carefully, but gradually the information leaked out and some of us were fortunate enough to learn a little about it. I spoke with representatives of the military and intellectual circles who know that under the surface of mass knowledge lies the answer - yes, we have been visited by aliens.

In the stories of Mitchell there were practically no details about what exactly they saw during the landing on the moon, there was only a small hint that there are definitely representatives of other civilizations there.

NASA denied all accusations of hiding the truth after each statement of Mitchell, calling him almost crazy. But he himself was sure that in the coming years, humanity will learn the truth about extraterrestrial civilizations, and after a while humanity will officially come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. But won't this be the beginning of the end for our civilization, because some extraterrestrial civilizations can treat us with aggression, and their technologies will allow us to take over the planet in a matter of days?

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