Mar 5, 2020
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Ecosystems of Africa

Jungle and arid forests, savannahs and bushes, semi-deserts and deserts - a kaleidoscope of African landscapes can be confusing, it can easily get lost. But African ecosystems are not a mess of plants and animals. This has its own laws and orders, relationships and vulnerabilities.

On the life of African nature and the human place in it - a lecture by S.V. Drobyshevsky "Ecosystems of Africa."

Drobyshevsky Stanislav Vladimirovich , candidate of biological sciences, famous anthropologist, associate professor of the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, author of the book “The Missing Link”, scientific editor of the portal ANTROPOGENEZ.RU /.

For all questions regarding the lecture, please contact: by phone + 74950889281 or by mail .

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