Sep 4, 2022
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Economy taxi in Alushta: how much does it cost?

Economy taxi in Alushta: how much does it cost?taxi SOLNYSHKOtaxi SOLNYSHKOtaxi fares SOLNYSHKO

Taxi services in Alushta have their own, quite significant, degree of fame. It is determined by the fact that not every person has a personal vehicle, and also not always the same person will prefer to go on the road by public transport. In order to move around the city, society is constantly looking for the most convenient, as well as safe conditions. Taxi in this case is considered the best type: inexpensive prices and proper travel conditions.

But, by no means any taxi service is able to present you directly what you need. Not all, without exception, representatives of this sector are loyal to the degree of travel costs due to their own reasons. We recommend that you analyze the version of profitable trips around Alushta, using the SOLNYSHKO taxi as an example.

Affordable fare — taxi “Economy”

In addition to the fact that the SUN service is aimed at providing services to absolutely all layers of the inhabitants of Alushta, and in accordance with this it gives low costs, it also provides a wide range of transport options for a potential client. One of these possibilities is the “Economy” tariff, through which many people can freely move around the city, paying a tolerable and extremely economical price for this.

You can choose an Economy taxi in Alushta for yourself, at least because it is different:

  • undoubtedly an ambulance of the car;
  • convenient, as well as comfortable environment in the cabin;
  • high quality and experienced driver;
  • the least time spent on the road;
  • low prices for the service.

It should be noted that, regardless of any factors, the taxi is delivered within 5 minutes. You won’t need to wait for a long time and pay much more (the price is fixed when placing an order).

Profitability of prices in various directions

The most well-known problem among taxi users is the cost of a trip in one direction or another. Definitely, the formation of the price depends on the choice of a certain tariff, in our case, the Economy taxi, the minimum order value according to it, and the direction of travel. Prices will undoubtedly vary, however, the paramount principle of SOLNYSHKO taxi service is profitable convenient trips for each passenger.

In order to most clearly consider the cost of travel with this service, we will analyze the known prices and main directions in Alushta, which are often requested by passengers:

The cost of travel according to the “Economy” tariff:

In case you need to find out the price of trips or ordering additional services provided in the taxi SOLNYSHKO, then this information can be found on the website of the service. It is possible to order a taxi or a service of this service by contact phone number +7(978) 810-10-10. Your travels in Alushta have every chance to be more convenient and affordable.

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