Apr 28, 2022
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Economists urge to step on the “rake” of Nicholas II

Economists urge to step on the

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

They want to tie the ruble to gold, and the creation of a new financial system is being worked out, both for internal settlements and for external ones. It looks very patriotic and uplifting, but such plans are completely untimely and can cause enormous damage to Russia. In fact, we have already gone through this once, and the situation in the country’s economy was similar.

“Now experts are working on a project proposed by the scientific community to create a dual-loop monetary and financial system. In particular, it is proposed to determine the value of the ruble, which should be backed by both gold and a group of goods that are currency values, to put the ruble exchange rate in line with real purchasing power parity,” said the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.

What kind of “two-circuit” is not clear, but this is not particularly important. The principle is important. We will turn to the history of our Motherland, but first you need to understand the principle itself.

And it’s probably worth starting with the fact that we don’t have very much gold. Over the past few years, it has been actively exported. As a result, a minimum remained in the gold and foreign exchange reserves of this very precious metal. Basically, there were all kinds of “wrappers” on Western accounts, which were also stolen from us. But they could have the most gold on the planet. By the way, no one has yet answered for this frank sabotage with the export of gold to London …

Let’s say we find gold. Our country is rich, in the depths – the whole table Mendeleev. By the way, it would be possible to combine one useful with another. Namely, to send all kinds of enemies of the people to the mines of the sunny Kolyma region so that they “atone” there. Officials, “oligarchs” and other speculators.

So, the ruble, let’s say, has become equivalent to one tenth of a milligram of gold. The figure is taken “from the ceiling”, simply in order to carry out further calculations. One milligram is about $2 at current prices, that is, a ruble costs 20 cents. Although it doesn’t matter anymore. Today the dollar is there, tomorrow it may not be.

Gold backing “according to the classics” implies 100% reservation, that is, 10 billion rubles can be issued per ton of gold at the above “norm”. And no more! Otherwise, there will be no faith in this very security, no one has forgotten the story of the Fed’s gold and the abolition of the gold standard in 1971. Should be guaranteed! I have one hundred thousand rubles – at the first request give me in exchange for them a measured bar of 10 grams of gold. Required!

It would seem that a “hard” currency is good. They will sell everything to us, and we can pay with our own rubles. For they are gold. However, this is where the pros end and the cons begin.

Suppose we were sold a lot of everything we needed (and not very much), and rubles from the Russian Federation were happily accepted as payment. As a result, many rubles were formed abroad. And then their – khryas! – presented to our Central Bank for exchange for precious metal. You have to change, there is nowhere to go.

Gold reserves will immediately decrease, but the main thing is different. In the system of 100% reserve, in accordance with the amount of available gold, the number of rubles in circulation will immediately have to be reduced. That is, to produce the so-called “sterilization of the money supply.” And do not print new money until the miners (or convicts) get more gold.

In other words, in matters of providing the economy with the money supply – the very “blood” due to which the emergence and movement of goods / services occurs – we will be tied to a certain metal. It is – we emit, the economy develops. No – the economy is sitting on a “starvation ration” and is bent. What is happening today. But for other reasons, although also far from objective.

“In the issue of issuing money supply, one must start from needs. And now it is necessary to issue a huge amount of money to ensure import substitution. Then the economy, even under severe sanctions, will be able to grow 10-15% per year. Money can be issued in the required quantities, depending on our goal setting.

Lack of money in circulation can lead to higher prices. Inflation is an imbalance between goods and the money supply. Its genesis may be different. The emission itself has absolutely nothing to do with it,” explains the economist Andrey Podoynitsyn.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess – under the “gold” system, our enemies will do everything so that we don’t have the precious metal. First of all, with the help of the “fifth column”. Oligarchs, thieves-officials and speculators will withdraw not dollars / euros, but rubles. And with the help of them, all the gold will be quickly pumped out of the country.

In fact, we’ve been through all this before. In the same “Russia we lost”, the finance minister associated with cosmopolitan bankers Sergei Witte introduced the gold backing of the ruble. It happened in 1895, and soon the country, already teetering on the brink of zero development, completely rolled downhill. Enormous funds were withdrawn from the Russian Empire, and in gold, the country was corny robbed. This is without details about the resource-based economy, “oligarchs” -millionaires, colossal embezzlement, completely decomposed “elite”, total poverty of the population and other “charms”. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Such is the “crunch of French rolls” …

In other words, some “economists” are trying to inspire the security officer Nikolai Patrushev with an openly wrecking idea. These figures should be taken out of their chairs and sent to mine much-needed (in any case!) Gold for Russia. Until they fool someone else.

The provision of certain goods of value is generally complete nonsense.

First, apart from raw materials, we have few goods.

Secondly, the prices for it are set “from the lantern” – as at one time or another the American stock exchange speculators will wish. They do not depend on the supply-demand balance.

Thirdly, these very “values” do not belong to the state, but are the property of all kinds of Lukoils, Severstals, Gazproms and other structures. Even from the point of view of common sense, the ends do not fight.

It is also worth remembering about China – the most powerful economy on the planet. There is no desire for a “hard” yuan, on the contrary, its rate is actively floating. Depending on what is currently profitable. According to the “classics”, a developing economy should generally have a weak currency so that the cost of its export goods is low, that is, its competitiveness is high. And we, it turns out, want to impose the opposite?

The golden ruble is possible. Moreover, after some time it will become necessary. But only when the Russian economy becomes full-fledged, will it gain a new breath. Not raw materials! And then it will be possible to try to repeat what was conceived in the early 50s of the twentieth century Stalin. The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of February 28, 1950 gave the Soviet currency a gold content – 0.222168 grams per ruble.

“In Western countries, there has been and continues to be a depreciation of currencies, which has already led to the devaluation of European currencies. As far as the United States is concerned, the continuing rise in prices for consumer goods and the ongoing inflation on this basis, as has been repeatedly stated by responsible representatives of the US government, has also led to a significant decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar. In view of this, the Soviet government recognized the need to raise the official exchange rate of the ruble, and to calculate the exchange rate of the ruble not on the basis of the dollar, but on a more stable gold basis, in accordance with the gold content of the ruble, ”this is from the text of the decree of the USSR government of March 1, 1950.

Isn’t it true that there are certain parallels?

But by that time, that is, by the beginning of the 50s, the USSR had already restored the economy destroyed by the war and rushed forward, far ahead of the whole world in terms of economic development. Accordingly, the country had something to trade. And by no means raw materials! By the spring of 1952, in addition to the countries of Eastern Europe and China, to the “gold-ruble” zone – an alternative dollar zone! Mexico, Uruguay, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Iran, Ethiopia and Argentina were ready to join. A relevant international economic conference was held in Moscow.

The dollar was challenged, and the answer followed – on March 6, 1953, the Leader died. And the corn general secretary liquidated the currency project first of all.

Today Russia is unable to repeat it. Not yet able. The Soviet Union had a full-fledged self-sufficient economy; the Russian Federation does not have one. Like a class.

“There is a colossal state budget surplus of 1.15 trillion. rubles only for the first quarter of 2022. There are replenishing foreign exchange reserves. And there are various mechanisms for financing the industry, in particular, the bill credit system. There is where to send these funds. For example, to create a diesel engine completely independent of imported components. For the production of bearings, hydraulics, bridges … It is necessary to give preferential, and best of all, completely interest-free loans. In order to establish import substitution as soon as possible. Now Russia needs factories no less than Caliber!” – says public figure and publicist Vladimir Kucherenko (Maxim Kalashnikov)

Actually, there is nothing more to add here. Do not step on the “rake” Nicholas IIand follow the Stalinist path. And there, you look, and the golden ruble will appear. In twenty years.

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