Nov 24, 2021
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Economist Yushkov: “Greens” changed their view of “SP-2” in order to achieve independence from the United States


Economist Yushkov:
Federal news agency

Omid Nuripur, a Green foreign policy expert, has spoken out against Washington’s sanctions on the gas pipeline. According to him, the restrictions are unacceptable because they involve a third party.

Let us remind you that earlier the Greens themselves actively opposed the SP-2. Igor Yushkov believes that such a sharp change in the mood in the Bundestag faction occurred for two reasons.

The economist noted that after being elected to the German parliament, the party began to change its attitude towards many issues. The fact is that now the deputies have to think about the good for the FRG, and not just criticize the position of the ruling faction.

“The change in the position of the Greens shows that it is one thing to be an ardent oppositionist and criticize everything that was supported by political opponents, in particular – the Merkel party. Another thing is when they entered parliament and began to bear responsibility. Now they will have to be responsible for what will happen to the German economy, what role the country will play within the EU and in the international arena. In this regard, they think like the current government, realizing that Nord Stream 2 is needed, ”the expert explained.

In addition, Berlin expects to gain independence from Washington. The United States and Germany remain NATO allies and partners, but the Germans no longer want to act at the behest of the White House. Therefore, now even opponents of the “SP-2” are defending the project.

“Washington cannot prohibit German companies and regulators from doing anything if it complies with European laws. Americans ignore the sovereignty of Germany and all other countries and believe that their right prevails over the national legislation of other states, “Igor Yushkov explained in an interview with PolitRussia.

Earlier, Belarusian MP Sergei Klishevich said that Lithuania was spoiling relations with China for the sake of the United States. According to him, Vilnius ensures the national interests of Washington in Eastern Europe.

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