Apr 6, 2021
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Economist Smirnova suggested three ways to get out of debt

To begin with, you need to analyze your financial condition in the future for six months or a year, depending on it, choose a suitable exit.

Bankruptcy proceedings may be suitable, said independent financial advisor Natalya Smirnova in an interview with Sputnik radio. However, it must be remembered that in the coming years, a person will not be able to take out a loan, open a business or take a prestigious position.

“If the situation is not entirely stalemate and can improve in the next 6-12 months, or the family has at least some property, such as a summer cottage, that can be sold, then before the first delay on the loan, you need to go to the bank and negotiate a loan vacation” , – added the specialist.

The most harmless way is refinancing. The procedure is a lending at a lower interest rate.

Recently, a financier gave some advice on keeping money. It is best to keep savings in rubles, and the optimal size of the “financial cushion” is from three to six monthly incomes.

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