Apr 10, 2021
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Economist Romanchuk on the catastrophe in Belarus: Because of the regime, people flee in tens of thousands

Belarus has plunged into a demographic hole. Residents of the country do not see a future under an authoritarian, repressive regime.

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk notes that as of the beginning of 2021, the population of Belarus dropped to 1975 values. At present, just like as much as 46 years ago, only about 9.35 million people live in the country. At the same time, more and more people go abroad every year.

The specialist emphasized that in 2020, saturated with protests and repressions, the population of Belarus decreased by more than 60 thousand people, which is three times more than a year earlier. In total, over the 26 years of the presidency of President Alexander Lukashenko, the population has decreased by 894 thousand people, or 8.7%. At the same time, in recent years, the natural population decline has increased in the country.

Romanchuk drew attention to the fact that demographic indicators most accurately reflect the attitude of citizens to what is happening in the state. If they approve of the socio-political situation and see the prospects for development for themselves, then without special fears they build families in it and raise the birth rate. But at present in Belarus, according to the expert, nepotism and favoritism reign, and it is difficult for honest people to raise their social status and improve financial well-being. All this leads to the fact that citizens are trying by all means to escape abroad.


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