Dec 31, 2020
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Economist explained what makes Russians resilient to crises

The massively growing household and financial consciousness in recent years makes Russians more resilient to crises than in previous years. 2021 will not be any easier than the outgoing year, but people will be quite ready for this, economist Konstantin Selyanin believes.

In addition, he noted, the finances of most compatriots will not be seriously affected in the event of difficulties in 2021.

Our citizens began to spend much less spontaneously and plan their budget expenditures much more. And at the everyday level of awareness, there has become much more – to the point that more and more people began, for example, to turn off the light when leaving the room, – said Selyanin in an interview with Yekaterinburg Online.

He noted that the trend of conscious and rational consumption began to manifest itself in people since 2015, so each new shock is already perceived and tolerated more easily than the previous ones. This brings the country closer “to the same Europe, where citizens, say, screw on the radiator tap on days when the streets are not cold,” the economist said.

At the same time, earlier Selyanin predicted a large-scale crisis for Russia according to the scenario of a financial catastrophe in the USA in 2008. This, in his opinion, will be prompted by the growing debt burden of citizens, which will provoke a deterioration in the economic situation in the country. The danger is associated not only with the coronavirus pandemic, but also with the permanent economic downturn that has been observed since 2013, wrote.

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