May 11, 2022
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“Ecology is everyone’s business”, who knows how to count

In the photo: the head of Rosprirodnadzor Radionova Svetlana Gennadievna

In the photo: the head of Rosprirodnadzor Radionova Svetlana Gennadievna (Photo: Mikhail Dzhaparidze / TASS)

Since coming to the post of the country’s chief ecologist – the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova nearly 3 years have passed. There is something to brag about, judging by the annual report for 2021.

An increase in the number of cases considered by more than 80% (2405 in the twenty-first against 1919 in 2019), 1670 decisions in favor of the RPN in 2021 against 1301 in 2019. Impressive growth, especially considering the collection of fines and the fact that the RPN laid to the budget of the Russian Federation until 2023 “an increase in the wage item in the amount of not less than the amount of income received in the reporting financial year from the payment of fines for violations …, as well as funds received in order to compensate for damage caused to the environment.”

A phrase that brings you back to the terrible 90s. A similar practice was already in the tax police of those times. Returning to the RPN report, we note that there are no any noticeable cases, as well as large fines, in it. At the same time, a certain “Rosekoprompererabotka” is singled out with a fine won back in 2020 in favor of the RPN in 3.4 billion rubles. The amount after Norilsk Nickel is not small, but Radionova did not go to court, unlike Norilsk Nickel, so she probably did not receive money, but more on that later.

A quick search reveals that this is a company that serviced oil drilling waste at the Priobskoye field. Priobka accounts for 11% of Rosneft’s production, more precisely, its subsidiary RN-Yuganskneftegaz, which also develops other fields in the KhMAO. In total, the share of RN-Yuganskneftegaz is 32.7% in Rosneft’s production.

What is oil drilling waste? According to the report of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene. A.N. SysinaSince the late 2000s, Chinese drilling fluids have been used in the oil industry, which in the process create waste of I-III hazard classes, are highly toxic and low biodegradable.

But, despite the announced damage and the issued fine, the department does not see this danger, and for some reason is in no hurry to recover it. Further more. Specifically, this company worked at the so-called “Kust 202” facility. It still exists (about which below), but even without paying attention to this, the question remains. Where’s the money?

At least a year has passed since the trial was won, but Svetlana Radionova’s social networks contain discussions of many environmental violators, except for the “billionaires” from Rosekoprompererabotka.

Today, the actual inaction of supervision puts the Russian North and the Arctic on the brink of an ecological disaster, oil production waste from an oil company is buried in the tundra with a unique ecosystem that has been recovering for centuries, the budget is losing billions of rubles, which are distributed among service companies and officials.

Almost all oil production in the North of the country is carried out in water protection zones or near them, and the watering of the territories of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and YNAO reaches 90%. Rosprirodnadzor generally has a special relationship with water pollution. Let’s omit Norilsk Nickel, the court with which, in terms of the meaning and essence of the RPN, lost. It is enough to read the court decisions from the file cabinet of arbitration cases. Understanding lawyers say that nothing would remain from the claims of supervision in an appeal – a fact. Only the administrative resource and the position of the former head of the RPN worked Kobylkinwhich, in fact, raised the banner against Norilsk Nickel. Turning a blind eye to Rosekoprompererabotka with their 3.4 billion fines, the RPN is desperately looking for large fines. And he finds them in Russian Railways, Lukoil, VSMPO, Gazprom Neft and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which set up so beautifully in the Black Sea with an oil spill. The trial of the latter was won with pomp at the end of April. An official, Radionova, came to the court symbolically, having warned the Presidential Administration about this in advance.

There are no other “billionaires” yet. Fines are of course helpful. Preventively strains industrialists to fork out for environmental protection measures in advance, introduce new technologies, save the planet, in a word. Of course – “ecology is everyone’s business,” as Svetlana Gennadievna says. At the same time, until now, the punitive approach has only embittered the business, which understands that there will still be a fine, since the department’s egg-box needs to be filled. The fact is that while the waste continues to lie in the tundra.

Now about the “Bush 202”. As follows from the act of Rosprirodnadzor, groundwater in this area is located at a depth of 0.2−2.9 m, Ob – 3.5 km in a straight line. Why is there groundwater, a stream flows right on the territory of the 202nd bush, which carries waste into the river. At the same time, the plenum of the Supreme Court in 2017 adopted a resolution according to which the responsibility for environmental pollution can be assigned to the license holder, but Rosprirodnadzor is in no hurry to make claims either against RN-Yuganskneftegaz, on the field of which the landfill is located and from the wells of which the drilling rig was recovered sludge, nor to the license holder Rosneft. Moreover, the court decision separately states that the administrative proceedings against RN-Yuganskneftegaz were terminated due to the absence of corpus delicti.

We are waiting for posts on Svetlana Gennadievna’s social networks on this subject, especially given her involvement in the Arctic agenda, her relationship with the Arctic Initiatives, which has a salary fund of 360 million for 11 people of the staff…

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