Nov 18, 2022
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Echoes of Dialogue in Bali

Why Xi Jinping spoke to Trudeau in Mandarin Chinese

Summit gram20 in Indonesia ended in the failure of the isolationist policy pursued by the West towards Russia. “At the summit, the US and European countries focused on the war [на Украине]but countries outside the G7 were not on the same wavelength, leading to deep and perhaps insurmountable differences over the aims of the summit,” wrote the US news site. Axios.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was the instigator of Western anti-Russian attacks, if you do not take into account Zelensky, who made belligerent statements via video link, but his mission failed. Faced with Lavrov, Sunak valiantly ordered him to “get out of Ukraine and put an end to this barbaric war,” to which the Russian minister writes Daily Mail, struck back, pointing out that the West was responsible for waging a “hybrid war” in Ukraine, and Kyiv’s “unreasonable demands” became the reason for the “prolongation” of the conflict.

Same Daily Mailfrustrated by the failure of attempts to forge a united anti-Russian front at the summit, considered this the result of a “Russian-Chinese conspiracy”; The British publication considered that Lavrov and Xi Jinping dressed the same at the gala dinner as evidence of a “conspiracy”, in particular: “Two men arrived at a welcome dinner of leaders hosted by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, wearing attractive bright purple shirts with a floral print” , – told Daily Mail.

In addition, Xi Jinping pointedly, on camera, scolded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accusing him of leaking details of a private meeting with him: “Everything that we discussed got into the newspapers. This is inappropriate… If you are sincere, we should communicate on the basis of mutual respect. If not, then I’m not sure how it will all end,” Xi Jinping said. To which Trudeau, instead of an apology with a blue eye, said: “In Canada, we believe in free, open and frank dialogue, and this is what we will continue to do …”. Xi reacted without listening to the Canadian: “Let’s create the conditions first.” After which he shook hands with the Canadian prime minister and turned away from him. Canadian media noted that in a conversation with Trudeau, Xi Jinping deliberately switched to Mandarin Chinese, emphasizing his contempt for the interlocutor. Canadian news channel KP.24 reported that Xi and Trudeau’s previous conversation dealt with the situation in Ukraine, North Korea and China’s alleged interference in the 2019 general election in Canada.

World media noted that China at the summit refused to condemn the NWO and objected to calling it a “war” in a joint statement with other G20 members. Axios noted that the wording of the joint statement (“most members strongly condemn the war in Ukraine, but there were other points of view”) reflects the position of China, India, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, which do not agree with the position of the United States and their allies.

“Putin’s spirit hovered at the G20 summit,” writes a columnist for a Turkish publication dikGAZETE Erhan Altyparmak: “Western leaders were clearly tired of Zelensky with his demagogic rhetoric… Lavrov, on the contrary, was able to enlist the full support of Russia’s allies, despite the West’s desire to isolate Moscow… By far, Moscow’s most important support came from Beijing. China has reiterated its opposition to Russia’s exclusion from the G20.

“In negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Sergey Lavrov once again clearly conveyed Russia’s position on Ukraine. Macron, in this regard, said that he would hold talks with Vladimir Putin after the G20 summit and that dialogue with Russia on the Ukrainian issue should be continued, ”the Turkish journalist emphasizes.

The final declaration of the summit says that the G20 welcomes the grain deal and emphasizes the importance of its full implementation by all parties, the final declaration says.

Leaders gram20 agreed that the Ukrainian crisis has aggravated existing problems in the global economy, which, I must say, is surprising: Ukraine is officially the poorest country in Europe, its share in the global economy is 0.29%. How can such a country exacerbate the world’s economic problems?

It’s not about the “Ukrainian crisis”, but about the crisis of the world capitalist system, which forces the “civilized” countries to break economic ties with Russia, imposing anti-Russian sanctions that are detrimental to them and falling into the abyss of the energy crisis.


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