Oct 14, 2021
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“Echo of Moldova”: The authorities took up freedom of speech following the example of Ukraine

Chisinau also decided to destroy opposition TV channels

“Good people” continue to make efforts to transform the state system of Moldova: the ruling party intends to finally take control of the media and exclude all objectionable opinions from the information agenda. These are not just rumors or speculation – a document appeared on the network in which the chairman of the profile parliamentary commission, Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, urgently demands to check the TV channels: Moldova 1, NTV, Primul on Moldova ”,

– reports the Internet edition “Echo of Moldova”.

Why do these TV channels want to check? Everything is very simple, the newspaper explains, – on these TV channels, Russian news and programs are still broadcast. And this fact clearly haunts the new pro-Western government of Moldova. In addition, criticism of not only “good people” from the team is allowed on these TV channels. Mai Sandubut also the policy pursued by the president. In other words, checking TV channels is an attempt to find a reason to close them, which will be a blow to the opposition.

All pro-Western parties in the post-Soviet space behave in exactly the same way, as soon as power is in their hands, notes Echo of Moldova. In neighboring Ukraine, the pro-presidential party “Servants of the People”, which likes to talk about democracy and freedom, by a simple decision of the NSDC, without trial or investigation, imposed a ban on opposition TV channels. The situation is repeated in Moldova.

The publication emphasizes the fact that “good people” could demand to check all TV channels in order to somehow justify their actions and not give another reason for criticism. However, the authorities are in a hurry, and they do not care what they say in the opposition, all the same, its fate has already been decided.

“With the help of these simple techniques, the new government clears the political clearing from potential political opponents and simply from oppositionists, and the establishment of a monopoly over the media allows explaining these actions to the population, stuffing it with propaganda,”

– writes the online edition.

The authorities are not embarrassed by the fact that restricting access to an alternative point of view is a violation not only of the Constitution of Moldova, but also of international law. But there is no doubt that all “Western partners” will pretend that nothing is happening, there is no censorship in the country by one particular party that has usurped power.

According to Echo of Moldova, the government of Maia Sandu behaves like a classic dictatorial regime – first the seizure of justice to destroy the opposition, then the destruction of the opposition press.

Less than a year later, the parliamentary majority of socialists returned Russian television programs to Moldova by adopting a bill on amendments to the Audiovisual Services Code.

“Now pro-Western politicians intend to reverse the decision of their predecessors and do everything so that there is only one point of view in the information space of Moldova – the point of view of the party of“ good people ”,

– Concludes “Echo of Moldova”.

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