Nov 13, 2021
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“Echo of Moldova”: One Hundred Days of Disaster

“The first 100 days of the work of the new government of Moldova, as expected, did not end with anything but failures and another slide of the country towards a systemic crisis. Yes, we will be told about successful agreements with the European Union, Romania, Poland and Ukraine, but let’s speak in fact: profitable deals with Russia were ignored, and they were replaced by more expensive and painful deals with European partners in terms of long-term planning ”,

– writes the online edition “Echo of Moldova”.

Perhaps, in the history of independent Moldova there has never been such a government that would have faced so many crises in its first hundred days. And who, at the same time, would try his best to pretend that everything is good and wonderful, the Internet edition notes. And the Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa in general, she managed to present all the failures of her government in the first hundred days of work as undoubted achievements.

The prime minister began her speech in parliament on the landmark date – one hundred days with excuses: the time, it turns out, was unfavorable – here you have the coronavirus pandemic, the gas crisis and the rise in prices for everything. But the government coped with it – the gas contract with Russia was signed, this is the main thing. And the rise in prices is not for us, it is all over the world. Again, hospitals are overcrowded, so the pandemic …

According to the newspaper, the only thing that the new government can boast of is raising the minimum pension to 2000 lei, but the decision on this increase was made by the previous government and should have affected everyone who receives the minimum pension. The government of Gavrilitsa has imposed a number of restrictions, as a result of which not all pensioners will receive the long-awaited increase. Such a “reversal” is obtained …

“The same is the situation with the gas crisis. We have already repeatedly talked about why the gas shortage itself arose, so we will not talk about it. But it is worth noting a fact: the government lost millions of lei both in the delay in signing a new gas contract with the Russian “Gazprom”, and in the purchase of blue fuel from alternative sources. At the same time, all these actions were presented to the public as a struggle to save the country, although initially this delay was caused by the anti-Russian actions of the Moldovan authorities ”,

– notes the online edition.

But the most surprising thing is that the Prime Minister presents as an undoubted merit of the Cabinet of Ministers expensive purchases of gas from so-called alternative sources. And at the same time, not a word about the fact that gas for the population will now cost 2.4 times more, and this price will be the highest in the history of the country. Of course – “peremoga”!

And the main thing that the President of Moldova loves to talk about is the fight against corruption. “Echo of Moldova” reminds that a year ago Maia Sandu vowed that she would cleanse the country of corrupt officials and then the time of “good people” would come. However, none of the real corrupt officials suffered, but almost the only honest person in the government, the Attorney General, was behind bars. Alexander Stoyanoglo, whose trial will not end in any way, because he cannot collect evidence of his “crimes”. As for the adopted law on the prosecutor’s office, it was rejected by the Venice Commission, but this did not bother anyone in Moldova and the law was adopted.

“It’s hard to say anything good about the government’s performance after the first 100 days at the helm of the state. The good times never came, and each time we move further and further away from them, and new crises loom on the horizon. All this reminds the path followed by the “servants of the people” in Ukraine: from the first political force in the country, on which the common people pinned their hopes, to the hateful gang of political crooks who not only did not fulfill their promises, but also worsened the situation “,

– Concludes “Echo of Moldova”.

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