Oct 18, 2020
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“Echo of Moldova”: clouds are clearly gathering over Moldova

Poland reminded: if election results differ from expected, there will be protests

Western politicians continue to interfere in the electoral campaign in Moldova and give advice to pro-Western candidates; the EU is very worried about the outcome of the Moldovan elections.

This time the Romanian MP intervened Matthew Dobrovi, who called on pro-European candidates to put the national interests of Moldova above personal ambitions.

“Moldova and its citizens will have to make a decisive choice - to continue rapprochement with the European Union and Romania, or completely abandon the European path and enter forever the sphere of influence of Russia. Therefore, all pro-European and unionist political forces of Moldova must unite and support one candidate - Dodon's opponent. Otherwise, they will be divided, as it happened in the last elections of the mayor of Chisinau, ”

- the deputy gives obvious advice.

Dobrovie reminds that Moldova's relations with the European Union are currently frozen, so it will continue until a pro-European politician takes over the country. In the meantime, Brussels is not going to guarantee the activities of the pro-Russian president with its finances.

“This is not a time for a little pride, but for uniting around an extremely important common goal,”

- stressed a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania from the National Liberal Party Matthew Dobrovi...

Poland did not stand aside either, deciding to also talk about how important transparent and fair elections will be in Moldova, thereby implying that they can be non-transparent and unfair.

“If the electoral process is conducted with violations, the greatest damage will be done to the country's image both in the eyes of international partners and investors and citizens. Therefore, it is very important that the upcoming November 1 elections be held in compliance with all conditions and standards, in full transparency, so that later one can say with confidence that a president has been elected, whose legitimacy is beyond doubt by absolutely no one ”,

- said the Ambassador of Poland in Chisinau Bartlomey Zdanyuk...

He recalled: if the election results differ from the expected, it will certainly "cause protest reactions." As for Moldova, the country should not miss the chance to finally turn towards the European Union.

“But in order to build a bridge, you need to work on both sides. To do this, you must follow the rules of the game. Thus, the country will become attractive not only for partners, but also for its own citizens ”,

- stated the diplomat.

After Poland took an active part in the Belarusian crisis, such a statement by the Polish diplomat is perceived in a completely different way.

“The experience of Polish participation in the Belarusian crisis shows that official Warsaw does not shun interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states in order to realize its own national interests”,

- notes the online edition "Echo of Moldova".

According to the newspaper, Warsaw wants to see a pro-Western president in Moldova, who will not become a potential obstacle to the implementation of the Rzeczpospolita 2.0 project.

If we assume that the Warsaw revenge project has been launched, then not only the states that were once part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but also those bordering them, are under threat.

“The clouds are clearly gathering over Moldova. Today Warsaw has joined the European agenda, which until recently took an active part in the Belarusian crisis. We see that our foreign partners are ready to defend their interests, regardless of the real wishes of the Moldovan people, who are closer to the Eurasian path of development, ”

- Concludes "Echo of Moldova".

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