Aug 18, 2022
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Easy ways to warm up your home

Easy ways to warm up your home

As soon as the phrase “the first frosts are expected in …” begins to sound in the weather forecasts, many people think about how to make their home warmer. And, often, there are simply no special funds for cardinal changes, but you want to warm yourself at least a little. In anticipation of the cold weather, here are some simple tips.

We warm a private house

Of course, you should think about how to make your private house as warm as possible even at the construction stage, choosing materials and technologies. But, if you live in an old house or apartment, a lot of money is needed for global warming. For example, even insulating the facade with foam plastic with your own hands will require the cost of materials, it will take a lot of time and effort.

If there is no money or time for global warming of a house or apartment, this does not mean at all that you need to put up with uncomfortable temperatures and do nothing. If a few simple ways to make your home a little warmer and more comfortable with a minimum of costs:

Attention to windows! They account for a substantial part of the heat loss of the entire house or apartment. Of course, the best option is to replace windows with new, three-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows. But you can work with old windows too. Wooden frames, using a time-tested method, can be insulated with ordinary paper or textile tapes and paste. Even better – go through all the cracks with an inexpensive sealant. In PVC windows, check and, if necessary, replace seals. Use a special thermal film on the windows or stick the simplest packaging film on double-sided tape. In a private house, you can completely tighten the old windows from the outside with polyethylene, but then there will be a problem with ventilation and views of the surroundings;

To finish with the windows – the second tip. During the day, be sure to raise the blinds, shutters, open the curtains so that the room warms up naturally under the sun’s rays. But at night you should completely close the curtains, close the windows. Some even curtain them with a blanket or an old blanket to definitely avoid heat loss. Ugly, yes, but quite practical. If you are not ready to take such measures, just replace the light summer curtains with thicker ones and pull them up at night;

Radiators, of course, it is advisable to replace if they already did not work well in the last heating season. But you can simply remove them and wash them, as well as stick reflectors, for example, aluminum foil. It is even better to use penofol or porilex with foil on the wall behind the radiators. This will reduce heat loss, which will be reflected from the outer wall and remain inside the house;

Many people are skeptical about carpets, calling them dust collectors and an outdated interior decor item. But if your house or apartment does not have a floor heating system, then the carpet will come in handy in the first cool days. Agree, it will be much more pleasant to step barefoot on a warm and fluffy rug, crawling out from under the blanket. And you will have to worry less about children playing on the floor;

Buy a heater. Let the simplest and most inexpensive, for example, a small fan heater. There are also convectors, oil radiators, infrared heaters… The choice is great. Even one such electric heater will help you feel comfortable if, for example, the central heating has not been turned on yet or there is a need to additionally heat a separate room;

You can additionally heat an apartment or house simply in the course of your daily activities. For example, bake pies in the oven – do not close the door to the kitchen. Warmth and a pleasant aroma of baking will spread throughout the rooms. Or when taking a bath, also do not close the door (if possible). And warm steam will heat the corridor;

Lovely, pleasant, warm trifles. They help to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. Slippers, candles, aroma lamps, a cozy soft blanket, a comfortable, squeezed-out armchair, a sofa with assorted pillows, a favorite book or movie, a cup of fragrant steaming tea and a purring cat … It is these little things that can help us cope with the autumn blues and understand – cold is not so bad, winter has its charms, and there is very little left before summer! Think about hygge, because it’s not so difficult to create an interior with a philosophy of happiness

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