Jun 18, 2022
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Easy way to lose weight

Easy way to lose weight

Do you think that you have problems with excess weight, and have long dreamed of losing those extra pounds, but your success in this battle with fat leaves much to be desired? Have you tried a bunch of different diets, even tried not to eat at all, visited the gym, ran in the morning, but the extra weight didn’t go anywhere, and you lost the joy of life? This short article will tell you about an easy way to lose weight!

First of all, you need to assess what caused your fullness: low physical activity, excessive overeating, stress or genetic factors. Secondly, you need to calculate your body mass index. The calculation formula is simple: your weight in kilograms must be divided by your height in square meters. The interpretation of the values ​​​​is as follows: 18.5-24.99 is a normal index, 25-29.99 means that you are overweight (pre-obese), 30-34.99 you have first degree obesity, 35-39.99 – obesity second degree. After that, you need to develop a strategy in the war against excess weight. You need to eliminate the factors that cause you to have extra pounds, because any treatment begins with the elimination of the causes.

The next step is to compile and calculate for yourself the daily calorie intake according to the tables that are now widely available on the Internet. Based on the calorie values, make yourself a dietary diet in which carbohydrates will prevail in relation to fats and proteins: 2:1:1, from carbohydrates you should give preference to natural, fresh vegetables and fruits. You should exclude all flour, sweet and processed. From proteins – meat should be present in your diet in sufficient quantities, and from fats – natural highly saturated fats, olive oil is ideal. How to use all this does not matter, remember only that you should eat 80% of food for tomorrow and lunch and 20% for dinner. Next, you should increase your physical activity, and it is aerobic exercise, you should swim in the pool, run, ride a bike, play football, basketball, tennis, even if you are pregnant.

The third component that will help you lose weight quickly is a fat burner, the most affordable and useful is L-carnitine, its intake speeds up fat metabolism, increasing the overall endurance of the body’s muscular system.

All these methods together are the key to what is called the easy way to lose weight. The main advantage of this method is its physiology, and unlike cruel and debilitating diets, it will not destroy your body, but will strengthen it, create you an ideal, strong, strong body that will be with you for many years!

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