Jan 22, 2021
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Easy breath. How in the Samara region they return to life after covid

The initiative to use the health resort fund to help restore the health of patients after coronavirus belongs to Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov… Development of Samara specialists is used for rehabilitation.

Get on your feet in a week

Recovery from coronavirus and pneumonia is necessary for patients who have had a moderate to severe infection. Those patients who no longer require mechanical ventilation and who are recovering from coronavirus or pneumonia, doctors can send to a sanatorium for the so-called “follow-up treatment.” In October last year, the first patients began to be admitted in the rehabilitation department No. 3 of the Seredavin hospital on the basis of the former Mozhaisky sanatorium. Here people are taught to breathe again and returned to normal life. And this is not a figure of speech.

Many people felt better literally from the first days. Among them are spouses Irina and Sergey Baranov from Samara. They were admitted to the hospital with coronavirus on New Year’s Eve. They got into the recovery team a week ago.

“Our health resort is a pearl of rehabilitation. A complex of wellness procedures in combination with breathing exercises, physical education, specially selected nutrition, regular consultations give an amazing effect. Every day, an exercise therapy instructor, a doctor is working with us, they teach us to breathe again, to form an air stream. At first there was no strength, gymnastics was done lying down. But on the third day they breathed in deeply. I have been in the sanatorium for the fifth day and already feel healthy, my husband and I have begun to go out for a short while, ”said Irina Baranova.

An individual program is drawn up for each patient, on average it is designed for 10-14 days.

Particular attention is paid to innovative recovery methods. Every day, patients are trained on a unique breathing simulator “Universal-2011”, which was developed by Samara scientists. During the pandemic, it began to be widely used for lung recovery from covid.

“The essence of this apparatus is training the inhalation and exhalation phases. The lesson lasts about 12 minutes. Before and after we necessarily measure the oxygen saturation in the blood and the pulse rate. After such a procedure, the changed indicators return to normal. That is, training of both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems is underway. After 7-10 such procedures, all patients show a steady improvement in their well-being, and they are satisfied with the result, “she noted. physical therapy doctor Zoya Abramova

The doctors of the hospital. Seredavin developed a special technique for the recovery of patients after suffering from coronavirus pneumonia. First, the patient performs exercises on a breathing simulator with an individually selected load on inhalation and exhalation, then laser radiation is applied to the area of ​​large vessels. As a result, microcirculation in the lungs is improved, in the vessels of the brain with “enriched” blood, and recovery processes are activated.

An important first step

Chief Physician of the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after Seredavina Sergei Pushkin noted: “We fully launched this complex in October last year. We started with 40 beds and expanded the fund according to the number of patients admitted. Now 120 beds are used. More than 500 patients have already undergone rehabilitation, all patients note a significant improvement in their condition. ”

This applies to those who have suffered an illness complicated by pneumonia, have asthenic syndrome – they feel constant weakness, shortness of breath. Full recovery from any severe pneumonia takes from 2 to 6 months, but the second stage of rehabilitation after discharge from the infectious diseases hospital is very important, which helps to recover faster and return to normal life.

“The coronavirus affects the functions of various body systems, not only the respiratory, but also the cardiovascular system suffers, the metabolism is disturbed, the nervous system is under serious stress. In our region, great importance is attached to the organization of timely medical rehabilitation, therefore it is very important that, on the initiative of the Governor of the Samara Region, Dmitry Azarov, the Mozhaisky sanatorium was the first to receive patients for rehabilitation after a new coronavirus infection. Here, patients undergo the necessary recovery course for 11-14 days, which is desirable to continue at home. It is important for us to achieve a good result already at the stage of rehabilitation. We use not only previously known proven methods, but also introduce new ones. It is especially pleasant that some of them are being developed by our fellow countrymen, scientists and doctors. Samara engineer, student and associate of the authors of the first breathing simulator Frolov Nail Nurtdinov modified the apparatus, changing and improving the principle of its operation, thereby expanding the possibilities of using the simulator for very weak patients. After a badly suffered coronavirus infection, it is especially important that patients return to normal life, not only restore the functions of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, muscle strength, but also improve their psychological background and mood.

For those patients who do not require the 2nd stage of medical rehabilitation in a 24-hour hospital and who can recover at home, we recommend distance rehabilitation on the Covid rehab platform, where medical gymnastics classes with patients are conducted online by specialists. LFK SOKB them. V. D. Seredavina“, is talking Anna Shishkina, chief freelance specialist in medical rehabilitation of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region

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