May 5, 2021
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Easter text

Today is Easter, a holiday symbolizing the Renaissance. Russia and the entire Orthodox world live within the framework of this logic, and without it it is impossible to explain the fact that many times in history it has been restored from almost complete non-existence. And today the main question is when this restoration will begin and is it possible at all

The second question is quite adequate – the fact is that the modern Russian Federation is an entity created within the framework of the Western paradigm, in which the Renaissance is impossible (although Catholics and Protestants also celebrate Easter). Note that we already adopted the Western paradigm, in October 1917. And it cost us very dearly. The communist model introduced in October 1917 was the flesh of the western flesh (although it was formally denied within the framework of the formula “thesis-antithesis-synthesis”), built within the framework of the same system of progressivism that formed in Western Europe in the 18th century along with the ideas of “Red »A global project.

And within the framework of this system, the catastrophe that happened to us during the Civil War, from the point of view of the Western paradigm, means death. It was this death that was recognized in the West and already began to divide our territory (and people too). And the 20s with NEP only delayed this situation a little. And only a fundamental change in the paradigm in the late 1920s (at first – as a completely new reading of the “Red” project with the task of building socialism in one single country), the situation began to change.

Well, the Great Patriotic War (with the revival of the ideas of Orthodoxy) finally returned us to the framework of the Renaissance paradigm. With corresponding results. Unfortunately, not for long, because the people who took the upper hand in the elite of our country, again returned to the old formula, only not the second member, but the third. It was the synthesis of capitalism and socialism that was planned within the framework of the idea of ​​convergence, which is absolutely impossible from the point of view of its implementation, which is well explained within the framework of the theory of global projects.

One can argue a lot about who slipped it to us, whether convergence was possible if socialism was built on the basis of Western civilization, and so on. Here let cultural scientists and sociologists argue, perhaps, if the GDR had not been annexed, but there would have been a unification of two Germanies, then one could try. But history has no reverse course, and the Germans are not Russians, they will not be able to revive the GDR. More precisely, they cannot themselves. With our help, yes, but we still have to live to see that.

So, returning to the first part of the question asked at the very beginning of this text: And although there is no complete answer to this question, partly something can be said. In particular, our society is already completely ready for this, the percentage of people who are ready to defend the Western paradigm in which we live today is no more than 10% of the population (that is, less than it was in 1917 and 1941). But there is a fundamental difference: today all management institutions in our country are formed just under the Western paradigm. And in them the share of people who want to preserve this very paradigm is significantly higher than in society as a whole.

No, this does not mean that all officials are necessarily Westerners, many of them really want to do something good. But the management model is purely Western and therefore one can only fight against it at great risk. Including career and the well-being of your family. I know this very well, but I went against this system at a very young age and, in general, could afford it (although it took almost 20 years to restore a normal life). Most officials are incapable of such a feat, and the years are not the same, and there is no conceptual basis (after all, I was taught very well under socialism).

The fact that administrative institutions still wear Soviet forms should not deceive – inside they are already absolutely Western. Let me remind you that in the late 90s – early 2000s (the time of the domination of the “family”), many ministers who came to office began by establishing a quitrent for all their subordinates. With an offer, either pay or leave. Well, everyone who could and knew how to work left.

Actually, this is very clearly seen in the development of the financial and economic bloc in the government. It has existed for 20 years, “hanging in the air”: there is no action program in the country. And this is not accidental – the institutions themselves are arranged in such a way that even if they write the most ingenious and even fully realizable program of action, in the process of its adaptation to existing institutions, everything “reasonable, good, eternal” will disappear from it, and only theses about the number of accepted documents, letters in them and the scale of budgets “for cutting”. For what, for what purpose and with what result – there will be not a word.

It is clear that this situation is a dead-end in terms of strategy. Well, just really. She has no future. And there are two ways out: either a complete collapse (as in 1917) and the creation of something from scratch, or the creation of new institutions in parallel with the old ones (so that people are not taken from there) with their subsequent write-off “to zero.” Due to the complete meaninglessness of their existence. In a sense, this is exactly what Stalin did, although technically the procedure was rather complicated.

How can this be done under current conditions? Well, for example, to create “nodal” structures on the basis of the EAEU or within the framework of an association, for example, with Belarus. Considering that the West also has serious problems, theoretically this is quite possible. There is only one difficulty, there are no people for this. Our entire personnel training system is absolutely Western, and it is controlled simply by outright enemies of Russia (one of Gaidar’s fosterlings, Mau, is worth something). More precisely, they want Western Russia, and we want ours, we need a Revived Russia, not a “converged” or, moreover, colonized one. No, just those 10% who are in favor of the West will live well there, but Russia and its patriots will be not just bad, but very bad.

In general, it is becoming more and more clear that we will have to revive, but the scale of transformations will be no less than in the early 30s or in the second half of the 40s. You can’t go anywhere, Renaissance requires a lot of effort.



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