May 1, 2021
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Easter signs: what is great to remember before Easter in 2021

Easter signs: what is great to remember before Easter in 2021

The great Orthodox holiday will be absolutely soon – this Sunday, May 2. Believers prepare for this day in advance, and before Easter they remember not only the precepts of the church, but also the signs that help to meet the day off cloudlessly and not incur trouble.

Preparation for Orthodox Easter begins long before the event itself – with Great Lent. Experts suggest finding out what kind of signs will help bring happiness and prosperity to life on the eve of this majestic day.

It is necessary to talk (get out of the post) with boiled eggs and Easter cakes, and only later do they start a weekend lunch. According to those who are greedy for food, there will be no fortune in life. On the day of the great holiday, it is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages, indulge in bad fashions and emotions, express and swear. Those who violate the prohibitions, by tradition, do not see happiness. Great Easter is revered as a family holiday, and the most important on this day will be to arrange a dinner party in order to strengthen family ties and strengthen the strength of the whole kind. For those who cannot be present with family members at the same table, you can make a video call or call by phone. It will be possible to preserve beauty and youth for many years if you wash your face with water in which you smeared eggs in the morning. It is great to remember that dyes must be natural: onion peels, tea or other herbal teas. The same can be done with water, in which a silver thing is placed for a time. By washing her face, it will also come out to remove negative programs from herself. Another omen will help determine the lucky one, who will be grinning for luck throughout the year. According to a long-standing tradition, painted eggs were met with breaking one thing against the other, and whoever has an egg that is more restless will be the lucky one. Before Easter, on the day of Impeccable Thursday, they make a special Thursday salt. With its help, they create large amulets designed to protect against any evil and troubles. The omen says that in order to maintain a strong relationship on the day of the holiday, it is impossible for lovers to publicly show great emotions in relation to a friend to a friend. If aliens see them kissing and hugging, they can take away their luck and love. According to the sign on the day of the Orthodox holiday of Easter, one must pray to heaven under the bell ringing, ask them for protection and protection from adversity. Another popular belief says: those who start to remember home after the service with a blessed cake will not know troubles and crop failure all year.

Our grandfathers also paid attention to the weather in order to find out if the year would be fruitful, when to start haymaking and other stately events.

A thunderstorm on the day of the holiday promises a dry, late autumn. If it rains on Easter without a thunderstorm, the spring will be wet. A gray day off – for a cool summer. If frost hits, then the year will be fruitful. There is no snow left for Easter – you don’t have to worry about the harvest. Dry summer will be if the weather is clear but cool on the day of the holiday.

Easter is a great holiday, which should be celebrated in a good mood. On this day, they pray to heaven, squeezing out patronage, and be sure to help their neighbors so as not to dwell on their inner path.

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