May 1, 2021
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Easter 2021: Do’s and Don’ts on May 2

Easter 2021: Do's and Don'ts on May 2

The great Orthodox holiday, Clear Easter, is a time of joy and rebirth. To meet this clear day with dignity in good disposition, as well as observe the rules prescribed by the church, so as not to incur trouble.

On May 2, the Orthodox world will celebrate the most important holiday dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ. Experts recommend that you learn about what you can and cannot do on this day, so as not to inadvertently stumble and do something that can infuriate heaven.

Believers attend a solemn service, which begins on Holy Saturday and ends with a procession on the night of May 2. On this day, Heaven is open and hears every word, so everyone can pray to the longest powers and receive a blessing from Above.

On a holiday, Lent ends, so believers can enjoy their idolized dishes without restrictions. On this day, they are greeted to break their fast with colored eggs and Easter cakes, and then arrange a weekend dinner, which is attended by all family members and close friends.

On Easter, they were greeted not to greet, but to christen, instead of greeting, chatting: “Christ is Risen!” In response, they say: “Truly He is Risen.” After that, they always kiss and hug three times, rejoicing in a bright day.

A day off is a time of joy and creativity, when you need to develop internally and let light into souls, performing kind-hearted deeds and extending a helping hand to those who are in need of support.

On the day of the holiday, you should not clean up and do household chores. Believers set a schedule in advance so that on a day of a clear holiday they can rest and celebrate a majestic divine holiday.

It is impossible on the day of Clear Easter to fall into turmoil and despondency, swear and conflict. The holiday is the time of deliverance from everything that hinders development, therefore, in prayers to the Lord, they ask for help in order to protect themselves from negativity.

On Easter, you should not visit cemeteries and clean up graves. The clergy urge to move these troubles to the holiday of Radonitsa.

Easter is a clear and kind holiday, which is majestic to pave in a good location. This day helps believers find happiness and harmony, renew themselves internally and follow the path of light.

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