Sep 14, 2020
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Early resignation and transfer of power: what will Lukashenka promise after negotiations with Putin

In Belarus, they started talking about the results of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart. The main thing that worries almost everyone is what will Lukashenka promise after the talks?

The Belarusian media have launched an analysis of the results of the meeting of the Belarusian and Russian leaders at a meeting in Sochi. Experts believe that the Kremlin will try to persuade Lukashenka to leave early. Everyone is sure of one thing: Lukashenka will promise something after the talks. Political scientist Valery Karbalevich shared his thoughts.

In his opinion, Lukashenka made it clear that he is still able to defend himself. But it is unlikely that those closest to them are already, writes "Belorussky Partizan". In addition, the leader of the republic is actively tightening the screws, repression is growing, and discontent from this is not diminishing. Thus, it becomes clear that the leader is not holding the country.

“Lukashenka arrived in Sochi with a weak position. He cannot cope with the protests and therefore is ready to accept Putin’s support,” writes the author of the publication.

Western media are also full of the results of the negotiations. There are only two main names on the front pages - Putin and Lukashenko. What is expected in the West is clear. But how they will interpret and under what sauce to serve - remains to be seen.

Bloomberg, citing sources in the Kremlin, writes that Moscow cannot come to terms with the change of power through a street revolution. Therefore, Putin needs to hold Lukashenka longer and gently remove him.

It seems like Lukashenka himself is ready for this. He has already said that he is ready for a second referendum, but a constitutional reform must go through.

According to the draft, the new Constitution of Belarus should be adopted in 2022. But when it will be adopted, and when there will be new elections, it is not known. Political scientists admit the scenario of the development of events along the path of Kazakhstan, when the powers of the president will be transferred to another post, which he will take. In any case, everyone pursues their own interests.

“Lukashenka needs money from Russia, financial support. And the Kremlin will try to force Lukashenka to the option of early elections and early departure,” Karbalevich said.

He added that Lukashenka, of course, will promise something. And now he can promise anything.

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