Aug 25, 2022
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E. Karpenko, who did not want to sow death: I was taught to blow up Donbass and in general all Russians by Czechs near Prague

E. Karpenko, who did not want to sow death: Czechs near Prague taught me to blow up Donbass and in general all Russians

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The fact that inveterate Russophobes are in power in the Czech Republic is not news for a long time. It is not for nothing that this country (together with the United States) turned out to be one of the first in the list of states unfriendly to Russia. But, apparently, Prague is improving in its hatred of everything Russian, and has already moved from provocations and scandals to open support for terrorism. Moreover, on the territory of the Czech Republic now, as it turned out, they are preparing saboteurs to carry out attacks against the civilian population of Donbass.

One of the former cadets of such a center was recently reported by the Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

According to the press officer of the department Mikhail Popovcitizen of Ukraine Evgeny Anatolievich KarpenkoBorn in 1984, he himself turned to the security forces. And he said that at the time when he was working in the Czech Republic, he was recruited by the Ukrainian special services. After that, the man was sent to a military base near the town of Český Krumlov (178 km south of Prague) for mine-explosive training under the guidance of Ukrainian and Czech instructors.

At the end of the course, Karpenko left for the DPR with the task of planting and detonating a bomb filled with striking elements in the administration building of the Volodarsky district near Mariupol on the day when a referendum on the republic’s entry into Russia would be held there. For this, the curators promised two thousand euros.

As Karpenko himself said at a press conference in Donetsk on August 22, he “foolishly” agreed, but along the way he realized that he had made a big mistake and did not want “people to suffer.” Therefore, I decided to “surrender to the authorities of the DPR” and “say everything frankly.”

As material evidence, those present were given the passports of the failed terrorist – his Ukrainian passport, as well as a foreign passport with a Czech visa. They also showed the same explosive device, with a capacity of 1 kg in TNT equivalent, which he was supposed to put into action.

Criminal liability, most likely, does not threaten a man, since he came with a confession and refused to participate in the murder of innocent people. But how many of those who are ready for anything, the Czech Republic helped (and will still help) to prepare for the Nazi Kyiv regime … In fact, it is already an accomplice to the policy of state terrorism, which the Ukrainian leadership is pursuing, both against the civilian population of Donbass and civilians of Russia.

Vile murder of political scientist and journalist Daria Duginaas already known, the Ukrainian special services planned it, and the executor is a citizen of Ukraine Natalya Volk. There is irrefutable evidence for this.

But here, too, Kyiv and Prague seem to have found each other. Evidence of which is the reaction to this heinous crime of the Czech Minister of Defense They are Chernokhov.who, by her own admission on Twitter, has no pity for either the deceased or her father. As she put it, “the night of August 21 in Russia will be remembered for a long time.”

Russophobic revelation of a high-ranking Czech official Permanent Representative of our country Vasily Nebenzya quoted on Tuesday during a meeting of the UN Security Council, pointing out that the Czech authorities “crossed all the norms of morality, openly gloating over the murder of Daria Dugina.”

“But even if we put aside morality, which our Western colleagues have long been overshadowed by Russophobia,” the permanent representative of the Russian Federation emphasized, Ms. Chernokhova’s statements are, in fact, open support and propaganda of terrorist attacks against a civilian.”

Nebenzya urged the Czech authorities to give the minister’s statement an appropriate assessment. But the reaction of official Prague was in the same spirit.

Prime Minister Peter Fiala started the already familiar false mantra about “Russian war crimes” in Ukraine. And he called the accusations from the Russian permanent representative “cynicism.”

Isn’t it time for us to put the unbridled Czech Russophobes in their place and add the Czech Republic to a new list – the list of terrorist countries? Or at least terrorist sponsors. The reasons are obvious…

This question “SP” addressed Associate Professor of the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Foreign Regional Studies of the RSUH Vadim Trukhachev:

– The answer is simple. We do not declare the Czech Republic a sponsor of terrorists, because a significant part of our officials and large entrepreneurs have their own business, accounts, real estate there etc. The Czechs, in many ways, are impudent because they know that they keep our elite on the hook. That at any moment the property and accounts of these people will be under attack.

Strictly speaking, this also explains the audacity with which the Czech leadership has been behaving in the past two years.

As for the statements of Ms. Chernokhova and Mr. Fiala, nothing else can be expected from them. The Civic Democratic Party, the largest party in the Czech ruling coalition that they both represent, in its current form is a Russophobic party, and with a clear racist bent. Russians for them are “wild barbarians who understand only the language of force. And they are ready to justify anything as long as it is directed against Russia.

Let me remind you that when the current government came to power, it declared that it would follow the precepts of the President Havela. And what did the anti-communist Havel do in this post? He directly supported Ichkeria and Dzhokhar Dudayevprovided shelter for Chechen fighters. He defiantly refused to meet Vladimir Putinwhen the Russian president was on a visit to the Czech Republic in March 2006. And he said that he would return the Quadriga Prize to Germany when, in 2011, they wanted to give it to Putin, at that time the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. As a result, the founders generally refused to reward.

Havel was a pathological Russophobe. His current followers are to varying degrees. The coalition there is quite motley. But specifically Chernokhova and Fiala, these are just outright haters of Russia and everything Russian, who are ready to support anyone who acts against our country.

There are still different opinions inside the Czech Republic. For many, Chernokhova’s words in this form caused dissatisfaction. However, precisely because the Czech Republic has a controversial attitude towards Russia and different opinions, the current authorities are trying so hard to root out relations to such an extent that the next government has nothing to restore.

“SP”: – It will make life easier for them?

– I don’t know. But inflation is now 18% in the country – for thirty years there has never been such a figure. In the Czech Republic, inflation has always been one of the lowest among the EU countries. Unemployment there was also one of the lowest in the EU.

This government managed to disperse the whole thing in less than a year.

But for them, the end justifies the means. And they are ready, regardless of anything, to achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, ideological Russophobes are now in power in the Czech Republic. Therefore, no relations can be maintained with this country.

SP: And how do you think we should react?

– From my point of view, the embassy in Prague should be closed. It is necessary to stop the supply of oil, gas and non-ferrous metals – everything. Just stop. Terminate existing contracts. If you harm Russia out of principle, then we harm Russia out of principle.

Any relations with the Czech Republic, I think, should be completely stopped until the government is replaced there. The presidential election is already in January. But the Czech president has little authority, no matter who he becomes.

Therefore, we are waiting for a change of government. Only after the change of prime minister and cabinet of ministers will it be possible to talk about something with the Czech Republic. There is nothing to talk about with this government.

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