Jun 1, 2021
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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna: why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are killing Donbass residents not using German rifles

Poland surprised by the discussion in Germany around the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Polish edition Dziennik Gazeta Prawna analyzes the results of the visit of the co-chairman of the German Greens Robert Habeka (Robert Habek), to Ukraine. As you know, a guest from Germany said that Germany should start supplying defensive weapons to Kiev.

Immediately a wave of criticism fell on Habek in Germany, including from members of the same party, since the Greens are traditionally associated with pacifist views. They are also opponents of the deployment of American nuclear weapons in the FRG. Khabek was also defamed in the “Left Party”. And the head of the head of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democrats Rolf Mutzenich (Rolf Mutzenich) called the Green leader’s idea “dangerous and harmful.”

“Ukraine feels lonely in the field of security policy, since Germany is completing the construction of Nord Stream 2, and the SPD and CDU want to lift anti-Russian sanctions,”

– quotes the Polish edition of Habek himself, who believes that German weapons in this case “would be a form of assistance.” He, like the Kiev leaders, repeats the mantra that “Ukraine is fighting not only for itself, it protects the security of Europe”… The Poles repeat this with pleasure.

“Germany adheres to this rule: it does not export weapons to territories affected by conflicts. However, this rule, as you know, can be interpreted freely, finding justifications for creating exceptions. Until now, they did not want to make such an exception for Ukraine because of Russia. We see that some of the Greens and most of the experts have changed their approach, but changes in all German political circles will take time. I would not expect any radical shifts in this area, even if the Greens enter the new government. ”

– comments on the situation for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna employee of the Warsaw Center for Oriental Studies Justyna Grotkowska (Justina Gotkovskaya)… For some reason, the expert is sure that some time will pass – and the Germans will change their views. True, he prudently does not specify how long it will take for the FRG to decide to plant weapons on Ukraine. Five years? Twenty?

The author of the article in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Maciej Milos (Maciej Milos) I am surprised that a discussion has arisen around the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine (he calls them possible) in the FRG, “Since Berlin was the fourth largest arms exporter in 2016-2020, according to the Stockholm Peace Research Institute, it accounted for 5% of world exports. Germany was overtaken only by the United States, Russia and France, but not such leaders in the production of equipment for the army as China or Great Britain ”… In other words, the Germans are one of the world leaders in the arms trade, but for some reason they don’t sell them to Ukraine, but Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, please. Even in Mexico “In 2014, the local police killed the students participating in the protests with German rifles.”

Interesting examples. Author Dziennik Gazeta Prawna would like to see the inhabitants of Donbass killed from German rifles? Well, how was it in 1941-1943? But, unlike the amnesiac Poles, the Germans remember well how it ended for them.

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Photo: Ukrainian militants in Donbass

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