Jan 10, 2022
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Dzhigan’s wife leaked his naked photo


Rapper Djigan is not shy about posing naked.

The artist and Oksana Samoilova with children travel to Mexico. The celebrity couple stayed at one of the unusual hotels, which is decorated with bamboo and other environmentally friendly materials. Even the bathtub is leaf-shaped here.

It was in it that Oksana and Denis decided to have some fun. Samoilova captured an absolutely naked husband, basking in warm water. Of course, the caring spouse covered the most intimate places with flowers.

We really wanted to take a beautiful photo, but this is what happened. Sweeties“, – Oksana playfully signed the shot.

Nude Djigan
Nude Djigan

It is noteworthy that the hotel where the family stayed, and from which Samoilova was delighted, turned out to be not the most convenient place to stay. “The hotel, of course, screwed us up. There is no light in it, which makes it very difficult to get together in the evenings. Due to the lack of light, he gets sleepy all the time. There are no air conditioners either. It is simply unrealistic for us to be in such a place for more than one or two days.“- said the star.

In general, Oksana dreamed of a trip to Mexico for about three years. And now the secular lioness is trying to use every moment to explore all the sights of this country: the family has already looked at the Mayan pyramids, the Yucatan Peninsula and the city of Tulum.

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