Oct 27, 2021
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Dynamic development. Investment projects in Adygea received state support

October 26 Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin, in charge of the Southern Federal District, held a meeting with the heads of the subjects of the Southern Federal District and representatives of federal ministries. The key topic of discussion was the priority projects aimed at the socio-economic development of the regions of the South. Adygea was presented at the meeting by the head of the republic Murat Kumpilov.

Opening the event, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin emphasized that the result of joint work should be an increase in the gross regional product, income of the population, the volume of off-budget investments and the number of employed citizens in the constituent entities of the district.

Further, the projects presented by the regions were considered, which are necessary for the dynamic development of the territories.

“From Adygea, 5 projects have been announced, including three – with the use of an infrastructure budget loan, approved by us earlier, and two new projects. This is the construction of the all-season mountain eco-resort “Lagonaki” and the construction of a dairy complex for 3,000 head of dairy herd, “said Marat Khusnullin.

Photo: A. Gusev

The Deputy Prime Minister heard information from the responsible ministries and departments about the work carried out on the indicated investment projects.

In turn, Murat Kumpilov confirmed the relevance and significance of the announced projects for the further socio-economic development of the republic.

As a result of the meeting, all submitted projects from the Republic of Adygea received support.

In particular, we are talking about the creation of an all-season mountain eco-resort “Lagonaki”, which will provide more than 2 thousand new jobs. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build hotels for accommodation of at least 5,000 people per day, food points and life support facilities, more than 36 km of trails, 13 modern cable cars, a snow park, and a cross-country ski track.

Another significant project is the creation of an industrial zone on the territory of the Takhtamukaysky district. Its implementation will allow attracting about 10 billion rubles of investments by 2030, creating over 2 thousand new jobs.

Also priorities for the development of the region are the continuation of the construction of a dairy complex for the production and processing of goat milk on the territory of the Maikop district, the construction of engineering and social infrastructure for the integrated development of the territory behind the Mikhailov microdistrict in Maikop, the construction of the supporting infrastructure for the multifunctional tourist and recreational park “Dakhovskaya Polyana “.

During the meeting, Marat Khusnullin gave a number of instructions to the relevant ministries for the development of the transport network in the South of Russia, the commissioning of housing, and also set the task of making an inventory of all investment projects developed in the constituent entities of the Okrug.

“The assistance of the federal center will significantly accelerate the implementation of the large-scale investment projects we have announced, and will allow us to promptly resolve emerging issues. In turn, the construction of infrastructure facilities, the creation of new jobs will become a serious impetus for the development of territories and improve the quality of life of people, ”commented Murat Kumpilov on the results of the meeting.

Photo: A. Gusev

Cooperation with the Cossacks

Also, a working meeting of Murat Kumpilov with the Deputy Head of Administration (Governor) of Krasnodar Territory was held at the RA Government House. Alexander Vlasov, which by the decree of Vladimir Putin in May of this year was approved by the ataman of the Kuban Cossack military society.

The working meeting was attended by the Head of the Administration of the Heads of the RA and the CM of the RA Vladimir Svezhenets, the Chairman of the RA Committee on Nationalities, Relations with Compatriots and the Media Asker Shkhalakhov.

During the meeting, issues of interaction between the republic’s authorities and the Kuban Cossack army, which unites the Cossacks of Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory, were discussed.

The head of the republic noted the established constructive relations with the leadership of the region and the Kuban Cossack army in matters of preserving interethnic harmony in the region. An example of this is the development of the activities of the Maikop Cossack department. Cossacks take part in all significant republican events, are members of the Public Council and other advisory bodies.

In addition, the Republic approved the Day of Remembrance of the Combat Commonwealth of the Highlanders of Adygea and the Cossacks of the Kuban during the First World War. This year, the XXX jubilee Interregional Festival of Cossack Culture was held. It was dedicated to the memory of Natalia Uvarova, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, the Republic of Adygea and Ukraine, who made a great contribution to the development of Cossack culture in the region.

The head of Adygea also noted the high level of interaction of the Maikop Cossack department with the public movement “Adyge Khase – Circassian Parliament” of the Republic of Armenia, as well as with other national-cultural organizations of the republic.

Murat Kumpilov stressed that good-neighborly relations between Adygs and Cossacks, interethnic harmony are the key to further productive development of neighboring regions.

“We respect the development of culture and traditions of all peoples living on the territory of Adygea. Interethnic and interfaith harmony is a solid platform for the further development of the region. The President of the country Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is also aiming at this. Therefore, we will continue to raise the level of interaction with the Cossack society and other national and cultural organizations. The unification of all healthy forces of society, the consolidation of people regardless of nationality is the basis for creative processes, “said Murat Kumpilov.

In turn, Alexander Vlasov thanked the head of Adygea for the support in the region of the Cossacks in the implementation of their educational, educational, cultural, social and other socially useful functions.

Photo: A. Gusev

“The Maikop Cossack department is developing well. We are ready for further cooperation. We will also adopt your experience of strengthening interethnic harmony, and support public initiatives. Of great importance is such a large project as the festival of Cossack culture, the status of which is proposed to be raised to international, ”said Alexander Vlasov.

Separately, they talked about the tasks and further plans of the Cossack army for the fulfillment of state tasks. This concerns the military-patriotic education of the younger generation, preparation for military service of adolescents, environmental protection, and the development of traditional crafts.

The Maikop Cossack department consists of regional Cossack societies located in the regions of the Republic of Adygea, as well as Belorechensky, Apsheronsky, Mostovsky districts of the Krasnodar Territory.

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