Apr 27, 2021
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Dwarfs for real Aryans

Dwarfs for real Aryans

The British press has published photographs of the “House of the SS Fellowship” – one of the most eerie moments in European history.

The current Polish authorities are trying to forget that in 1942 the prisoners of the Auschwitz death camp built this facility for their executioners, where officers and their families were going to have fun.

Popular performers performed here, orchestras played, but most of all the monsters of Auschwitz loved the show, which was conducted by the chief doctor of the concentration camp, the “angel of death” Josef Mengele. He met each arriving train and selected “material” for experiments. He was immediately interested in the Ovitz family of Romanian Jewish dwarfs, who had toured Europe with The Lilliputian Show.

First, Mengele subjected them to his experiments – without anesthesia, he took bone marrow samples from them, pulled out their teeth, poured hot and cold water into their ears, instilled drops in their eyes, which would blind them for half a day. And then he organized a performance at the “House of the Association of Waffen SS”, announcing that the dwarf artists were evidence of the degradation of the Jewish race. This statement was received with genuine enthusiasm. The SS men and their household were dying of laughter, watching the performances of the “subhumans.”

The command did everything possible to compensate the professional killers for some of the inconveniences that arose in the camp. For example, SS officers and their family members constantly complained of an unpleasant odor spreading through the area from the chimneys of the crematorium. But in the club there was a round-the-clock buffet, where the SS men drank in vodka and ate delicacies that were inaccessible to ordinary Germans. There was also a canteen where they received three meals a day: the camp leaders believed that the SS “hard workers” needed extra calories because they had very hard work.

The wife of one of the guards recalled the “delicious parties and great food” at the club. The SS house was not included in the Auschwitz memorial complex and today looks like a dilapidated large wooden barn, past which cars rush. It was the first site of Auschwitz to be liberated by the Red Army.

Seven members of the Ovitz family survived the horrors of Auschwitz and took refuge in the USSR, and in 1949 they moved to Israel.

Until now, the Poles seem to have forgotten what this shed is, located a few hundred meters from the entrance to the complex. After the war, a resting place for the workers of the local factory was equipped there, then grain was stored. Today, a special Fund of Memorial Sites looks after him and tries to save him from complete destruction.

Nikolay Ivanov


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