Aug 18, 2022
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Dushmans in Ukraine: America has relied on its recent enemies

Dushmans in Ukraine: America has relied on its recent enemies

Photo: AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofti/TASS

The other day, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov stated that Afghan mercenaries appeared on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine. Basically, these are former fighters of the Afghan army who left the country after the Taliban * came to power. All of them were trained by American instructors. All of them were promised US citizenship as the Taliban approached Kabul. And all of them, of course, were thrown.

In general, more than a hundred thousand people left Afghanistan then. Many settled in the villages of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Of course, there were no jobs for them. The local population itself for the most part survives on earnings in Russia, and then there are those who come in large numbers … But now American recruiters have come to grips with them. In general, the Americans in Ukraine felt a taste for a proxy war – with their own weapons, but with the hands of others.

And they began to pump up the “square” with mercenaries from different parts of the planet. And here is such a flammable material. And in such quantity. An entire army can be equipped. Like this approach and vushnikam who are tired of acting as cannon fodder. In general, everything suits everyone. Except Russia. The recent meeting of the Afghan delegation that arrived in Moscow with Zamir Kabulov “and other officials” was devoted to this topic (in the first place).

The Taliban, of course, are primarily interested in economic assistance from Russia and stability in their own country. We are interested in zeroing the flow of Afghan heroin to Russia, the stability of our southern borders, as well as zeroing the transit of Afghan mercenaries to Ukraine. And here there is a field for closed discussions and compromises.

The Afghans keep their word – during their reign, not a single gram of heroin entered our country. But with mercenaries it is more difficult. For stability in the region, it would be necessary in a good way to return this entire avalanche of refugees to their historical homeland – to the north of Afghanistan. And form a coalition government. But this is associated with a huge number of risks for the Taliban themselves.

All these refugees are their irreconcilable enemies of yesterday. How willing are the Taliban to take risks? How far are you willing to go in this direction? Ready to sit down at the negotiating table with your sworn enemies?

This is what was discussed behind closed doors of the Foreign Ministry.

And there were a couple of “subtle” topics.

First. Someone should train the Taliban to work with American military equipment. They won’t pull it on their own. And calling Americans is like letting a goat into the garden and a fox into the chicken coop. Shuravi is a million times more decent in this regard. And they will deal with American technology “at once.”

Second. It would be necessary to deal with the American “sleeper agents”.

And one more “thin topic”. And if supporters of the current Afghan government are sent to the Donbass, so that those who are on the other side will be identified? You don’t need a lot of “bayonets”. The conversation is supposed to be short.

* “Movement Taliban” by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated February 14, 2003, recognized terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited.

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