Jul 22, 2021
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Durov promised spies a disappointment: he knew about potential surveillance

The creator of Telegram and VKontakte Pavel Durov said that for several years he knew about the potential surveillance of his phone. He promised the spies a disappointment. “They won’t find it,” the businessman pointedly noted.

Pavel Durov could be one of those 50 thousand people who were being followed using the Pegasus spy app. The businessman said that for the past three years he knew that the phone was on the list of gadgets whose data could be tracked through special programs.

In his Telegram channel, Durov noted that since 2011, he considers all the phones he uses to be compromised.

“Anyone who has access to my personal data will be greatly disappointed. <…> They will not find any important information there, “wrote the creator of Telegram.

Durov explained that there is a vulnerability in the operating systems from Apple and Google, a kind of emergency exit that the developers themselves leave. And anyone can use this emergency exit. According to the businessman, these two companies have too monopolized the market, and therefore freedom of speech and privacy of people have been lost. Officials are acting too slowly.

“I hope the news that they themselves have become the target of these surveillance tools will induce politicians to change their minds,” concluded Pavel Durov.

Earlier it was reported that the phone of Emmanuel Macron, as well as other high-ranking French politicians, could have been tapped. It became known who could spy on the President of France.

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