Oct 2, 2021
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During an interview, Lukashenko infuriated an American journalist with words about the United States – video


The American refused to discuss the actions of the authorities of his country

The interview of American journalist Matthew Chance with Alexander Lukashenko for CNN became a kind of sensation. The parties did not so much communicate with each other as they tested the enemy for strength. The American did not hesitate to ask the head provocative questions in a sharp manner, and the Belarusian president was not stingy in terms of answering them. At some point, it became difficult for Chance to hide his emotions from Lukashenka’s statements.

During the interview, the journalist told the head of Belarus that the standards of human rights observance in the country “are not very high.” In response, Lukashenka decided to cite the example of the United States of America, where they allow themselves not to respect human rights while carrying out a mission in other countries.

“You recently struck a blow in Afghanistan, suspecting terrorism, you struck a family. 12 children were killed,” Lukashenka said.

At this moment, Chance hastened to interrupt the president and prevent him from talking about how the United States is behaving in the international arena.

“We are talking about Belarus, not the United States of America. We have no time to discuss this,” the journalist blurted out.

The video segment leads the telegram channel “Pool of the First”.

As stated in Belarus, the American media workers “broke through the bottom” during their conversation with Lukashenka, because immediately after the interview, the journalist announced that he did not intend to fulfill the demands of the Belarusian side, which had been agreed in advance.

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