Nov 7, 2022
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Due to the processing plant, the townspeople suffer from an unpleasant smell for years

the townspeople suffer from the smellResidents of Bastrop (Texas, USA) have been suffering for years from the fact that a vile smell is constantly spreading through the city – sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

the townspeople suffer from the smell

The cause of the misfortune was the Darling Ingredients plant, which processes animal by-products that are later used to make animal feed. The townspeople compare the scents in the air to the smell of a dead animal, rancid butter, and burnt bird feathers. With what to compare, but the result is all the same extremely unpleasant.

the townspeople suffer from the smell

Darling Ingredients says they are working on the problem and have already invested more than $3 million to upgrade the plant to rid unfortunate people of bad odors.

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