Apr 1, 2021
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Due to the difficult situation in the DPRK, the embassies of 12 countries stopped working

Foreign diplomats are leaving the DPRK en masse due to the closure of missions amid the difficult situation in the country, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang reports on its Facebook page.

The department said that strict restrictions are in force in Pyongyang, there is an acute shortage of essential products, medicines and there is no first aid.

At present, the representations of Great Britain, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, France have stopped working, their countries are represented by nine ambassadors and four chargé d’affaires.

In turn, the Russian diplomatic mission continues its work in the DPRK, all functions are performed as usual.

Earlier it was reported that the Malaysian authorities demanded the DPRK diplomatic officers to leave the country due to the rupture of international relations.

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