Jan 14, 2022
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Due to an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions, the girl was unable to open her eyes

allergy to eyelash extensionsJasmine Dewhurst has had eyelash extension experience before and it went well the first time.

allergy to eyelash extensions

However, now a student from Liverpool (England) will think carefully before going to the salon. A month ago, she found a beautician, and everything went awry during the process. The master told the girl that the eyelashes turned out to be “a little thicker” than she wanted, although in fact Jasmine was left with partially glued eyelashes – the upper ones stuck to the lower ones.

allergy to eyelash extensions

The girl had to eliminate this inconvenience on her own by pulling out her interfering eyelashes, and for about a week everything went well. But then her eyes began to itch and water, and one morning our heroine woke up and realized with horror that she could not open her eyelids at all. Doctors diagnosed the patient with a severe allergic reaction and prescribed her both pills for this problem, as well as eye drops and creams.

allergy to eyelash extensions

Now Jasmine is better, but her natural eyelashes have been damaged and will not recover soon. The girl spoke about the misfortune that happened to her, not just to scare the people. She wants to remind people that an allergy test is not an empty phrase and should not be neglected.

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