Jan 9, 2022
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Due to a rare weather phenomenon, fish fell on the heads of the townspeople

fish fell on people's headsSeveral residents of the city of Texarkana (Texas, USA) were very surprised when a small fish fell on their heads from the sky.

fish fell on people's heads

Messages about the mysterious “fish rain” caused both bewilderment and jokes on the Internet, but experts explained that there is nothing sinister in this situation (although, of course, it is a pity for the fish).

fish fell on people's heads

This kind of weather phenomenon is rare, but understandable. It is associated with strong tornadoes that appear over the water. Powerful streams of air capture various small animals from the surface of reservoirs, and after a while all these unfortunate victims of bad weather fall to the ground – sometimes at a considerable distance from the place where they lived during their lifetime.

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