Jun 14, 2022
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Dudchak told how the unexpected effect of sanctions against the Russian Federation brought the West to hysterics

Dudchak told how the unexpected effect of sanctions against the Russian Federation brought the West to hysteria

The authorities of the United States and the European Union, introducing economic sanctions of unprecedented scale against the Russian Federation, expected to win a quick victory over Moscow. And the fact that Russia was able to repel the blow, and a number of restrictive measures of the West led to the exact opposite result, infuriates them.

An economist spoke about this in a conversation with the news agency iReactor Alexander Dudchakcommenting on the material published on the American portal The National Interest, devoted to the strengthening of the ruble.

According to American economic experts, the situation with the ruble exchange rate was greatly influenced by the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in March of this year ordered to change the procedure for paying for gas exported by Russia. It was the transfer of payment for international trade transactions with gas to the national currency that allowed Moscow to stabilize the ruble exchange rate, and deprived the West of the opportunity to further dictate its terms to the Russian authorities, analysts say. And if the Russian currency continues to strengthen, the West, which is still forced to buy energy resources from the Russian Federation, will have to bear even greater losses than now.

“The burden that has fallen on the shoulders of the West, forced to accept the Putin system, will become more and more painful,” the article says.

Additional costs for Western countries, according to experts from the American edition, will be associated with the need to convert currency when concluding transactions for the purchase of Russian energy resources. And in this situation, all the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation by Western countries will be ineffective.

Dudchak told how the unexpected effect of sanctions against the Russian Federation brought the West to hysterics

Commenting on the conclusions of The National Interest analysts, economist and political scientist Alexander Dudchak noted that the leadership of the United States and the European Union is shaking because all their anti-Russian plans and hopes have not come true. By imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation, Western countries hoped to win a quick victory, but in practice, all their efforts led to directly opposite results, for example, to strengthen people’s confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They are more worried about the fact that their goals and objectives have not been met. We expected that it would be 200 rubles per dollar, but all this is interesting when we are trading <…>, – Dudchak emphasized. – And these (the leadership of Western countries) are simply infuriated that their economic and political sanctions have not had any success. They tried to stir up the situation, but President Putin’s rating, on the contrary, grew. They are all on the verge of hysteria, and now they are scratching their heads about what to do next.

At the same time, the economist noted, Western countries want to continue to support free trade with Russia that is beneficial to them. But in the conditions of the tense political situation they have created, it is extremely difficult to do this. Americans and Europeans want to keep buying Russian oil and gas at low prices, but due to their own sanctions and prohibitions, there is no return to the favorable conditions of yesteryear.

“They are interested in getting raw materials as cheap as possible! Or better yet, rob us! Therefore, they insist on the previous schemes and are trying to find a reason to somehow get around them (sanctions),” Alexander Dudchak stressed.

Dudchak told how the unexpected effect of sanctions against the Russian Federation brought the West to hysteria

Russia, according to the expert, was able to show the West both its strength and its ability to overcome difficulties. But Russia should not relax just yet, as its strategic opponents will continue to look for and develop new ways to put pressure on Moscow.

“They are most worried about the fact that Russia in this whole process has shown itself to be a powerful fortress. We can criticize the actions of individual ministries and departments, but with all this criticism, all the sanctions are still breaking against the Russian wall. But in order for it to be strong, we must continue to take steps. This situation cannot last forever,” the economist added.

According to him, the United States and Europe are accustomed to dictating their rules and conditions to the rest of the world, putting pressure on those countries that disagree with their policies. It is precisely because of this habit that the West, after the start of the Russian military special operation to demilitarize Ukraine, according to a long-established scheme, began to introduce hundreds and thousands of various restrictions against Moscow.

But despite all the efforts of Western politicians to hit Russia harder and force its leadership to change its political course, this scheme failed. As a result, Moscow’s political opponents now have to find their own way out of the situation they created, but so far there are no trends for improvement, Alexander Dudchak concluded.

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