Sep 16, 2020
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Duchess Camilla spoke about the unusual eating habits of her grandchildren George and Charlotte

Duchess Camilla spoke about the unusual eating habits of her grandchildren George and Charlotte

Princess Charlotte and Prince George / Duchess Camilla

The other day, during her official visit to a local school in Slough in the east of Berkshire, 73-year-old wife of Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, shared interesting information about her eldest grandchildren, seven-year-old George and five-year-old Princess Charlotte. In a conversation with the students of the institution, Camilla talked about her unusual food preferences, which the kids had already adopted from her.

So, the Duchess of Cornwall admitted that her favorite snack for snacks is not cookies or fruits at all, but fresh peas right from the bush. And this passion of their grandmother for beans is completely shared by George and Charlotte.
Prince William and Kate Middleton with children, Duchess CamillaPrince William and Kate Middleton with children, Duchess Camilla

I admit I really enjoy eating peas straight from the bush in the garden! The peas from the pods are delicious and sweet. I always take my grandchildren to the garden, where they literally eat peas for hours. This is definitely not what I loved at their age - said Camilla.

By the way, before that, on the air of the Masterchef Australia culinary show, Duchess Camilla had already talked about the fact that her grandchildren love to eat. So, the wife of Prince Charles admitted that there is always ketchup or mashed tomatoes in her house, because George and Charlotte simply love to season any dishes with these sauces.
Prince Charles and Duchess CamillaPrince Charles and Duchess Camilla

By the way, earlier Kate Middleton and Prince William have already shared the taste preferences of their heirs. So, the Duchess of Cambridge once admitted that her older children love to eat macaroni and cheese, and Princess Charlotte is just crazy about olives. Kate also said that they often cook curries with the whole family, while she and her daughter usually like to make the dish spicy, while Prince William prefers to make it less hot.

It's so hard to make curry in a family. We always have a separate portion for the kids that doesn't have any pepper. William loves the dish to be seasoned in moderation, but Charlotte and I love it more spicy,

- shared Kate.
Princess Charlotte and Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte and Prince George

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