Nov 12, 2021
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Dry dog ​​food: some facts about dog nutrition

Dry dog ​​food: some facts about dog nutrition

A reliable friend, loyal defender, an attentive companion and an understanding assistant – a dog is ready for almost anything for its owners. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with these faithful devoted eyes. No wonder in everyday life there is an expression “to make a dog’s eyes.” It is especially difficult to withstand this look when the pet is sick. He expects help, support from his mistress, and receives only the hated, but necessary for his recovery, pills.

According to statistics, diseases of dogs in 67% of cases are provoked by improper nutrition. Especially surprising against the background of this fact is another curious observation: today, around the world, about 89% of dog owners feed their pets with dry food.

Without knowing the essence of this coincidence of facts, one might think that such products for dogs as dry food packaging are a potential threat to the health, and in the long term – to the life of the pet. However, paradoxical as it may seem, such an opinion is a delusion based on completely logical inferences.

First of all, dry food is indeed a very complex product. It must be chosen correctly. Then – correctly calculate the daily dose for a particular dog and balance its different types. The fact that specialized feeds are designed specifically for those dogs for whom they are intended is not at all a myth.

Moreover, the fact that today on the market for pet products there is dry food for dogs living in an apartment, for a pregnant dog or special food for a puppy is a positive vector for the development of the range.

But not all owners understand that, for example, it is better to give special food to a pregnant dog from the middle of the term and only to the extent set by the manufacturer. In extreme cases – in smaller sizes, but not in large ones. And the fact that already in 4 months a puppy ceases to be such is not known even to experienced dog breeders.

Secondly, in principle, you should not be afraid of dry food. It is completely safe, and in adequate doses it is beneficial for the dog. Moreover, it is useful not only as food, but also as a kind of means for cleaning teeth and preventing inflammation of the gums.

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