Sep 21, 2022
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Drunk and stoned officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot their own soldiers

Drunk and stoned officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot their own soldiers

Photo: AP/TASS

Former Ukrainian soldier, senior lieutenant Valery Gnatenkoleft Ukraine not wanting to support the “fascist regime”. He intends to continue serving in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces, voluntarily. The officer wants to serve on the territory of Ukraine, but in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. So he will actually protect his native country, its people from the madness that personifies the current regime Zelensky.

According to Valery, the Ukrainian military strikes at civilians, while the Russian army does not respond, fearing to offend civilians, he just made sure that the Russians pity innocent people. At the same time, Ukrainian servicemen shot even their own colleagues, being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. According to Gnatenko, which he expressed to the RIA Novosti agency, besotted Nazis differ sharply from the soldiers of the Russian army. Therefore, the officer urged the Ukrainian military not to defend the current regime – it won’t be long anyway. It is better to give up, to run away from positions, because otherwise it will soon come to them.

According to a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdana Bespalko in principle, there is nothing surprising in the use of alcohol and drugs at the front:

– Constant stress, colossal psychological stress during hostilities in some cases results in people starting to get drunk or take psychotropic substances. This can be well illustrated by the Hollywood movie “Platoon”, which shows how American soldiers used marijuana and other substances.

In the case of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the “Ukrainian idea” itself, the Ukrainian army and special services have such a specific quality as incredible cruelty towards everyone. Including their own. The combination of these two factors can lead to the kind of facts that senior lieutenant Gnatenko told about.

There were many such terrible excesses in the Ukrainian army. I can remember this: the soldiers sat and had fun. One of them faked suicide. On the third time, he actually pulled the trigger of the machine gun and shot himself. But the worst thing is that he was constantly incited by his colleagues – this is clear from the video. They laughed at him, and he himself was under the influence of some intoxicating substances.

It is clear that this case should be treated with some skepticism. All statements and facts should be verified. And I would treat the officer’s confessions with caution. We don’t really know what happened to him. Maybe he somehow made a mistake and therefore defected for some reason, but here he says that he did this because he shoots his own people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“SP”: – There is a saying “the fish rots from the head.” Not so long ago, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Servant of the People party, Maryana Bezuglaya, introduced a bill to the Ukrainian parliament that proposes changes to the Statute of Internal Service. It is proposed to allow Ukrainian officers to kill deserter soldiers. Under this pretext, anyone can be shot.

— Incidents of this kind spread back in 2014. It happened more than once that the Nazis shot soldiers – they purposefully destroyed those who refused to shoot.

All this can mean, on the one hand, lame motivation, lack of discipline in the Ukrainian army and, as a result, the need for detachments, and on the other hand, this is a standard situation that is repeated in various armies of the world. As for the detachments, they were successfully used by Leon Trotsky.

I note that in general, the legislation of Ukraine is beginning to resemble the legislation of some colonial country. They are trying to introduce more and more laws that specifically affect the independent army. For example, new laws on LGBT marriages, the legalization of marijuana. After such a “democratization”, the Ukrainian army makes a completely strange impression…

And now a former Ukrainian soldier, not just a private, but a whole senior lieutenant, said that he saw with his own eyes when they shoot their own. They do it “for no reason”. Because they “get stoned” or “swell”, and specific trench fun begins.

And it happens that they bring down their own, never reaching the front. A significant part of the losses of the Ukrainian army are the executions of colleagues far from the front line. According to the ex-officer, that is why he decided to leave the territory of Ukraine and went to Russia. No one considers a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be people. The officer, according to him, did not want to follow ridiculous orders and left the territory of his native country, heading to where the people are good, the people gave him a human shelter According to Valery Gnatenko, the Ukrainian command treats its subordinates like cattle. And the former Ukrainian officer himself was not hired to fight with friendly people.

Military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin I am sure that there is nothing like this in the Russian army and cannot be:

– And as for the executions of Ukrainians by their own people, this is not the first such message. There was a case near Kharkov, when the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refused to fight – they were taken out and shot.

“SP”: – There is an opinion that in harsh conditions, many people go berserk.

“Bandera’s people go berserk for no reason, because they are animals in their essence. Although they say that even animals do not torment their relatives like that. And these people kill because they are guided by a misanthropic ideology.

“SP”: – Maybe “grass” contribute to this? Once, the Russian military discovered a real marijuana farm on the positions left by the Ukrainian troops near Lisichansk. Svidomo organized a laboratory for drying, growing hemp, where fans were working, heating lamps were standing. Ours jokingly suggested that in this way the APU-shniks “motivated” themselves to hold their positions. Maybe partly influenced by old traditions of use?

– I think that the point is not only and not so much in the “weed”, but in the fact that immoral non-humans are fighting against us. Of course, they swallow something, not necessarily soft drugs, there are other, more modern stimulants, I don’t know which ones, I’m not an expert in this field. But I am sure that even under the influence of psychotropic substances, if you are a person, you will not do such terrible things. And if you are a non-human, you will even be sober.

You know, during the years of the Great Patriotic War, the Germans instructed the Bandera people to do the dirtiest work. And in many concentration camps, it was the natives of the territory of the current square that became sergeants. So there is nothing to be surprised, everything repeats itself …

The most terrible thing in all this for us is that in the settlements of the region, occupied by the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, looting and executions of people immediately begin. This was told by the head of the administration of the Kharkiv region Vitaly Ganchev. The situation in the territory that the Russian military left behind is tense, because many local residents have not been able to evacuate.

But all this is not for long. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the testimony of another senior lieutenant taken prisoner, from the 58th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He reported that the Ukrainian security forces are suffering significant losses and some refuse to go to the forefront.

This happens, for example, in the Artemovsk region. There, out of seven dozen mobilized citizens, only ten know how to use a machine gun. They were trained for only a week and then thrown to the front line. In the 127th brigade of the Ukrainian territorial defense, which arrived in the heat, there are only such “mobilized”. For three days of fighting, the battalion ceased to exist.

Of course, the new Goebbels propaganda from the other side is being refined as best it can. At one time, the Kyiv authorities decided to create paramilitary formations … from among the Russian military who were captured during a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. However, the names of those wishing to fight on the side of the square were never named. At the same time, they decided to call the new “army” the “Freedom of Russia” legion. But about the new followers of the general Vlasov since then, after the first and only press conference, nothing more has been heard.

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