Sep 14, 2020
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Drozdenko said that the elections in the Leningrad region were held absolutely honestly and openly

The current governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko, said that the elections for the head of the region were absolutely honest and open, reports TASS.

“I want to say that the campaign was absolutely honest and open, I am grateful to my rivals, because everyone led their own campaign and at the same time tried not to promote in a good or bad direction at the expense of the rival, but simply to promote their ideas, thoughts, and their software product” - he noted.

According to Drozdenko, the election campaign was distinguished by the fact that there was not a single direct campaign for the current regional head. He also announced a change in the structure of the regional government after the inauguration.

We add that, according to the Leningrad election commission, after processing 60% of the protocols, Drozdenko is gaining 83.35% of the votes. The turnout in the elections was 48.95%.

Let us remind that on Sunday more than nine thousand election campaigns of various levels were held in 83 constituent entities of the country. Governors were elected in 20 regions, and deputies of local parliaments in 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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