Apr 19, 2021
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Drowsiness. Why does it happen, when to start worrying and how to fight

Alarming signs are:

  • The constant need for daytime sleep, after which, however, you do not feel rested.
  • Falling asleep suddenly during the day, including while eating, talking, or other daily activities.
  • Excessive sleep (more than 9-11 hours a day).
  • Difficulty waking up (especially in the case of a sharp awakening), disorientation on waking.
  • Memory impairment, cognitive impairment.
  • Inhibition of speech.

Additional symptoms may be the appearance of headaches, fainting, sometimes hallucinations, signs of sleep paralysis may develop. With severe drowsiness, you can act as if automatically, without realizing your actions, which is fraught with the possibility of injury. Episodes of falling asleep while driving can also be extremely dangerous.

It is worth contacting your doctor if you start to notice that you fall asleep suddenly during the day or if excessive sleepiness affects your life in other ways.

It is important that this condition, as a rule, does not go away on its own and leads to disruptions in social and professional activity, making life difficult.

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