Aug 24, 2022
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Drape from Avdiivka, in the DPR, the Nazis will be on the reeds of the Volcha River

Drape from Avdiivka, in the DPR, the Nazis will be on the reeds of the Volcha River

Photo: AP/TASS

The capital of the DPR was again subjected to another powerful shelling, and stupid from a military point of view. It seems that the Bandera-gunners have not been friends with their heads for a long time and do not think at all about their brothers-in-arms, who are dying on the front.

However, when did the Nazis, as well as the Ze-team, worry about the Ukrainian “cannon fodder”? At the same time that on August 23, the M777 howitzers delivered by the Yankees “flew” to Donetsk from Orlovka, two plaintive video messages to the Zhovto-Blakit guarantor appeared on Ukrnet.

One – from the fighters of a separate machine-gun platoon of the 42nd battalion (which is subordinate to the 117th brigade of the Cherkasy region of the TRO). Ukrainian soldiers brought to the attention of the head of Bankova that “they were thrown into zero positions without proper weapons, like sheep. The second is from the wives and mothers of servicemen of the 69th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Gromadyanki tearfully told Zelenskythat their relatives are sent straight to the slaughter without heavy weapons and fire support.

Both of them directly said that without the support of artillery, independent “heroes” simply suffer fatal losses. In particular, the fighter of the above-mentioned machine-gun platoon cited the following figures: in the first day alone, on the “front end” in his platoon of 43 people, 17 people were killed and seriously wounded. Moreover, the “independence defenders”, as it turned out, had not even fought yet.

According to this truth-seeker-volunteer, the Kyiv authorities vilely deceived him and his brothers, promising at first to serve in the protection of the Cherkasy dam, but then, under pain of extrajudicial reprisal in the form of execution, they were thrown to the Donetsk front.

In Ukraine, experts are well aware that Zele does not care about such videos, so in reality, out of desperation, people are trying to reach out to the Western curators of the “Ze-team”, maybe someone from the top in Brussels or Washington will feel sorry for the soldiers dying on the “front end”, after which will be followed by a saving call to Kyiv.

That is why people who know the real layouts advise the soldiers of the 42nd battalion of the 117th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the wives of the soldiers of the 69th separate rifle battalion to immediately write to Sportloto, as the legendary Vysotsky. Like for more effect.

In other words, the Armed Forces on the Donbass front, logically, should have focused on counter-battery combat. But, we repeat, very scarce shells Bandera stupidly, in order to please Zelensky’s idiotic Wishlist, send towards residential and administrative buildings in Donetsk, which the community, by the way, consider theirs.

In particular, only on August 23 shelling was recorded in the area of ​​the Green Plaza shopping center. It is also reported about a direct hit in a residential building in the Voroshilovsky district (where a guy born in 2004 died). There was an arrival by the administration of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

Just don’t simplify the situation, Ukrainian truth-tellers advise. It is not only the Natsiks who have settled in Avdiivka who are freaking out here. Also, the comedian, according to insiders from the State Department and the Pentagon, strengthens his PR magic with blows to the “Rusnya” in order to prove to Western society that “Kyiv is still making progress.”

The insane shelling of Donetsk should also distract those who are especially Maidan from the information clutter caused by the scandal surrounding Zelensky’s interview with the Washington Post. Recall that the clown president admitted that in the fall of 2021 he learned from the United States about the start of a special operation, but decided not to tell people anything. Now “Nenka” is shaking from this, and then Zelya, as it turned out, also blew off about the imminent counteroffensive on Kherson, which never began.

We are talking about the war crimes of the Kyiv regime. A soldier of the NM DPR with the call sign “Bogdan” writes: “Yesterday, the Ukronazi beast once again fired at the residential areas of Donetsk from the Grad systems and 152-mm guns. Today we worked in the Kuibyshev district of the city, there are signs of fierce shelling everywhere, cut down trees, craters in the asphalt, holes in the walls of houses …

Asking about how they (the residents of Donetsk) live under the terror of the Nazis, we heard a tragedy that has become commonplace for the local population. You live, and every moment your life can be cut off by a Ukrainian shell.”

What annoys the Ze-team and the Nazis the most is that they are being kicked out of Avdiivka. It was from here that they were preparing to storm Donetsk according to the so-called Kosovo scenario. But now it is not them, but they are being destroyed by Russian soldiers.

“The work of the 1st battalion of special forces of the NM DPR in the area of ​​the Donetsk airport is a well-coordinated interaction between all the fighters of the unit,” the WarGonzo project says in public. “While some are storming enemy positions, AGS and artillery crews, with the help of UAV operators, support attack aircraft with harassing fire on the enemy.”

Moreover, they crush Bandera not only on the outskirts of Avdiivka, but also from the flanks. Judging by the map of hostilities, a noose is being tightened around the most powerful fortified area of ​​the independent “Mannerheim Line”, exactly the same as that which took place in the operation to liberate the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration.

“Free Press” has already talked about the plan of our military to take the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have settled here into an operational encirclement from the north – from the side of Verkhnetoretsky and Novoselovka II, and from the south – from the side of Pesok in the direction of Pervomaisky and Krasnogorovka. When this happens, the “independence defenders” will be trapped, because from the west they will be cut off from the main forces by the numerous reservoirs of the Karlovsky reservoir.

In principle, after the loop tightens so strongly that the defense will be like death, the Nazis will still be able to drape from Avdiivka along the reeds of the Volcha River, but they will not receive reinforcements and ammunition. Then the transition of this fortified area under Russian control will be a matter of time. And the “Ze-team” will receive a slap in the face, comparable in media damage to the surrender of the Azov* in Mariupol.

Only after that, Ukrainian artillery will no longer be able to hit Donetsk. And it is unlikely that the Yankees, the puppeteers of the Zhovto-Blakit natives, will use HIMARS missiles for indiscriminate shelling of the capital of the DPR.

The pro-Ukrainian American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that the Donetsk front was on the move after a long operational pause. The Yankees from ISW spoke about the resumption of fierce fighting for the village of Veseloye from the side of the Disputable, which will ultimately allow our troops to separate the garrisons of Seversk and Soledar, thereby violating the integrity of the Bandera front from Avdeevka to Izyum.

However, street fighting is already underway in Soledar and Artemovsk (Bakhmut). “Fighting footage published by the Russian publication Zvezda shows DPR soldiers reportedly moving through residential areas of Soledar under cover of artillery fire,” ISW analysts wrote.

If the Nenka General Staff claims that Russian troops tried to advance on Bakhmut from Pokrovskoye (10 km to the east), then ISW ​​notifies that ours already control the Patrice Lumumba street area in Artemovsk after a successful offensive from Pokrovskoye.

According to this star-striped think tank, the main efforts of our troops in the upcoming autumn campaign will be focused on encircling the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east and liberating the entire territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions from the Nazis.

* The Ukrainian battalion “Azov” was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 02.08.2022. Activities in Russia are prohibited.

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