May 13, 2022
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Dragons always wake up inopportunely

Why did the Russian elite, with the start of the special operation, dug a hole for themselves with their own hands?

In Russia, most of the population has no idea how the cultural elite lives, as well as its retinue celebrities, patrons, producers. Meanwhile, it is the retinue that makes the king: if the stars, whom we have been escorting for more than a month to distant lands on a Russophobic steamer, had a patriotic environment, they would most likely think differently, and would sing, film, draw, write differently , and would be oriented towards a different way of life by no means the one they lead. Their way of life it is an existence for two houses, for two countries (or more). And the main part of their worldview this is the lack of attachment to the motherland, the absence of the very concept of “Motherland” in the mentality.

Of course, the education of the elite had to begin as early as pre-perestroika times, but those times fell on the era of the most bitter dissidence. The result of forty years, and even half a century of education of the current masters of stage and stage, pen and brush in line with concentrated Russophobia and Westernism that’s what we’re seeing today. What does the Russian elite that we are losing want? According to her not much: not to live in Russia, but only to work here, make money on Russian projects, strengthen ties with foreign countries, travel from Russia “home” to London on Fridays and, finally, having saved enough, go to the best, European, real life. It is not surprising that the bohemia: artists, singers, writers, producers, as well as top managers of different companies want one thing. bring more assets to the West and settle there with all possible comfort. With such an attitude, any problems of Russian life do not worry them too much. They are not masters in Russia, they are tenants.

For decades, Russia for its own elite was something like a fairy tale dragon’s treasury: it kept a lot of valuable things, and you had to be a clever hobbit thief with a ring of omnipotence in order to steal more and escape with prey. In the 1990s, the dragon either fell asleep in a lethargic sleep, or died of old age, so no one was fooling around in the treasury, the robbers grew bolder. No one was going to settle at the side of the dragon, even if it was assumed that he would never wake up again. Everyone was drawn to a civilization where stolen valuables could be squandered with pomp, but if necessary, return to the inexhaustible dragon treasury.

And suddenly the unexpected happened the owner of all this stuff woke up. In the creative stratum, as usual, the first to come to their senses were those who were associated with foreign countries, for example, with production, who made good money on television, cinema, and serials. It was they who did not feel connected either with the country or with the people. This is the same category of the population that constantly roams the world, travels across the seas and oceans with the same ease with which ordinary people travel to the country.

Apparently, this is why an ordinary person is ready to endure all the hardships that have fallen to his lot with his country, and it is easier for the cultural and financial elite to escape than to fight. Modern elites seem to have turned out to be the same cosmopolitans who were scolded by the Soviet authorities in the distant forties. However, those long-standing “citizens of the world” tried to involve the public in Western art, in foreign culture, the current ones, admiring the Western freedom to choose not only the country of residence, but everything in a row, from confession to gender, do not acquaint anyone with anything. Enlightenment, broadening one’s horizons would be an attempt to improve the Russian mind and develop Russian culture. However, over the past decades, Russia has brought up an elite that prefers exploitation to education and development.

Unfortunately, true cosmopolitans are not tied to reality. If a person is sure that he can choose allthere is a high probability that he will not choose nothing. What for? He feels good even without a clear self-identification.

Imagine the next level of freedom of choice. Now, involuntarily, you have to choose which country you are a citizen of, although dual citizenship already exists. You have to consider yourself a person of a certain gender, although there is already a movement for the rights of the “undecided”. One has to choose marital status, but this will only last until the institution of family and marriage is destroyed by the movement for the aforementioned rights.

The same goes for culture and religion. How can you take a religion like Pastafarianism seriously with its worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or to a culture that does not have enough rights and power in the eyes of the world community so that one day it will not be “abolished” for geopolitical reasons? It is difficult to take seriously ritualized buffoonery, a puppet in the hands of the masters of the world who control the masses. However, the so-called freedom of choice leads us to the desacralization of higher values. Moreover, this whole ideology of total (and, in addition, imaginary) freedom is focused on the possibility of further plundering the contents of the dragon’s cave.

One of the problems delivered by the special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to the world community is a sharp halt in the withdrawal of its wealth from Russia. Without an influx of free goods from the treasury, the standard of living of the community falls, not to mention the existence of those who are directly connected with this business heist. Exit one to weaken the inopportunely awakened owner of wealth to such an extent that he did not care about what was happening under his nose. Which is being done on all fronts, including personnel.

Meanwhile, the elite should remember the historical laws and, in particular, the law of the change of elites. If the elite contributes to the destruction of wealth in the territory under its control for many years, it is overthrown by the counter-elite. Or is gradually replaced by a less predatory layer. This has been the case with many peoples; why does the modern cultural and financial elite believe that this cup will pass them by?


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