Apr 6, 2021
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DPR reported clash with Ukrainian reconnaissance group near Horlivka

On Sunday, the Ukrainian military tried to lay an undercover raid in the zone of responsibility of the units of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) near Horlivka, but after a short battle they retreated.

DPR reported clash with Ukrainian reconnaissance group near Horlivka

The People’s Police Department of the DPR reported that Ukrainian soldiers tried to lay reconnaissance of mine-explosive obstacles in front of the positions of the Donetsk unit in the area of ​​the settlement of Shuma.

“Our lawyers were forced to use standard weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements,” the DPR police said.

The battle was fleeting, as a result of which the military of the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated to their positions, writes the Donetsk News Agency.

The defense department of the republic emphasized that the real incident happened on Sunday, April 4. Later, when inspecting a section of a minefield, Donetsk sappers found the body of a Ukrainian soldier – 25-year-old private Igor Baitaly. The DPR showed that Kiev is hiding information about his death and is not taking action to return the body to his relatives.

The situation in Donbass escalated on March 26, when four Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the vicinity of the village of Shumy. Kiev accused the People’s Militia of the DPR of this, in Donetsk they denied involvement in the shelling. Later, the defense department of the republic said that Ukrainian soldiers were blown up by an explosive device during the examination of the mine hollow.

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