Dec 31, 2020
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“Don’t wait”: Kiev urged Moscow not to hope for the death of Ukraine

Dmitry Kuleba
Dmitry Kuleba

Russia knows how to play for a long time, and in this it should be given its due. However, she will not wait for the death of the Ukrainian statehood, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

He noted that “Russia always expects something” – now from Kiev, then in relation to Kiev.

Globally, they are waiting for the death of Ukraine as a state. <...> And on the way to this goal, they are constantly waiting for something – either a change of power in Ukraine, or a change of power in another country, or some kind of economic crisis. <...> But the answer to all these expectations is very simple – you can’t wait, – said Kuleba in an interview with TSN.

He expressed the hope that he will live to see the moment when Kiev will stop “worrying about the Kremlin towers, about who is there with whom.” And most importantly, the Foreign Minister stressed, Ukraine must be ready to return to Crimea, which, in his opinion, Russia will eventually have to return.

In addition, he stressed that Ukraine will develop as a country in the Western world. When Russia comes to terms with this fact, it will become much easier, Kuleba suggested. But until then, Kiev intends to continue to impose sanctions against Moscow, he said.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine promised to turn Crimea from a sacred into a hellish topic for Russia in 2021. The Foreign Minister assured that he intends to increase pressure on Moscow. In addition, the politician expressed the opinion that the day will come when the Ukrainian flag will be raised in Simferopol.

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