Aug 8, 2022
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Don’t rush to make your bed!

Don't rush to make your bed!

If you are so lazy that you are not able to make your bed in the morning, then this is only a plus, scientists say! Your bed is cleaner and you are healthier than those people who think that the bedroom is “terrible” if the blanket is crumpled.

Why? It’s all about dust mites, or rather, that by not making your bed, you reduce their number in your bed!

On average, 1.5 million microscopic mites live in every bed, feeding on dead skin cells.

They are so small that you will never see them without a microscope. But at the same time, they urinate in your bed, cause allergies “to dust” and even some diseases – for example, they provoke the development of asthma!

In the morning, when you leave for work without making your bed, you actually kill a significant part of them: these mites cannot stand fresh air and sunlight.

“We know that these mites can only survive if they are in a humid environment (you sweat while you sleep). And the fresh air is too toxic for them,” says Stephen Pretlove of Kingston University.

“It’s simple: you don’t make your bed, the moisture evaporates, and the mites eventually die of dehydration.”

Experts recommend making the bed not early in the morning, but in the evening, when you return home from work. By this point, most of these vile creatures will simply die!

In general, those who like to leave the bed unmade can rejoice and show this article to everyone! And we are waiting for news from scientists about why cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner is also better to postpone until tomorrow.

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