Dec 31, 2020
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Don’t let negative energy affect your life

Don't let negative energy affect your life

There are situations in life when a person is exposed to the adverse energetic influence of others. It can be scandals, quarrels, unpleasant conversations, curses sent to the face. From all this, you can get a lot of negativity, which will lead to poor health, loss of strength, and even problems with the power system.

What can you do to quickly recover and provide emergency energy assistance to yourself? We offer 5 methods that are very helpful in dealing with negativity.

If after a fight you feel a lack of energy, just wash your hands or hold them under running water. As you know, water is capable of taking negative energy. Many people choose to visit the pool not only to improve their health, but also to relieve stress. For some, a sea salt bath also helps.

Each word carries not only meaning, but also a certain energy. When you hear flattery or envious statements in your address, say in a whisper or to yourself: “In a good hour, say, in an unkind hour, keep silent.”

If you are insulted, cursed, do not say anything in return, just mentally say: “Take it back.” Take it back, but in no case should you wish the worst for a person even in your thoughts.

If you have received a dose of negativity and feel a sharp decline in strength, use energy transfer. Stop for about a minute, hold onto the tree with your left hand, imagine that you are establishing an energetic contact. Think consciously and say to yourself: “Take all the negativity out of me.” The phrase is not important here, the main thing is to mentally get rid of the bad. You will immediately feel lightness in your body if you do everything right.

Another effective way: light a match. Then blow it out and imagine that it is taking up all the negative energy. Then stick it with the burnt end into the ground.
These simple methods of energetically helping oneself have already helped many people. They should not be neglected for all their simplicity.

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