Feb 19, 2021
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Don’t breathe! Will they be forced to give birth in medical masks?

Information about new recommendations of the Ministry of Health has appeared on the Internet. The installation to give birth only in respiratory protection immediately caused misunderstanding and discontent for expectant mothers.

“You can’t breathe without a mask”

Marina Dronova gave birth to twins last April, when the pandemic was just beginning to sweep the country. The only restriction in maternity hospitals then was a ban on visiting relatives in paid wards, the first questions arose about the transfer of food. Disinfectants in front of each entrance have just begun to appear. On admission, a mask was a mandatory attribute, and doctors and medical staff wore them constantly. However, the new recommendations surprised women even more, and they began to discuss the innovation on social networks. Now women have to give birth in a mask, it is allowed to remove it only for attempts.

“Childbirth is already a difficult and stressful process for any woman,” says Marina. – Children squeeze all internal organs, here even without a mask you can’t breathe. I can’t even imagine how I would give birth in a mask. I sympathize and understand those women who refuse to put on masks in such a difficult situation for themselves. “

At the end of January 2021, the third version of the guidelines for maternity hospitals came into force, including on treatment. For example, women who underwent severe coronavirus were classified as at high risk of developing complications. They were recommended dispensary observation for one year after inpatient treatment. Pregnancy can be planned after three months after the illness.

The umbilical cord with a positive test from the mother is clamped as quickly as possible. Breastfeeding is maintained only through expression. But an extract with a confirmed COVID-19 is possible after the first negative PCR test. Previously, a repeat test was required on day 14.

However, there are also some indulgences. In particular, they relate to partner childbirth. For example, the spouse is now only required to provide a negative result for coronavirus infection. The only thing is that testing should be done at least 48 hours before the expected date of delivery.

How in practice?

As for the most troubling issue of all, namely the use of masks during childbirth? Lawyers, for example, believe that such a measure is completely unnecessary, even in those maternity hospitals where such requirements have been introduced. At the same time, assistance and further support of childbirth will not be denied.

“First of all, it is necessary to note the very legal status of the document – methodological recommendations. This means the absence of norms and, accordingly, of legal responsibility for violation, – noted lawyer Olga Marchenko. – The purpose of the document is to develop a unified approach when working in new conditions associated with the risks of the spread of infection.

In Kaluga since April last year on the territory of the city maternity hospital on the street. Maxim Gorky has opened a corps that accepts women with a positive test or suspected COVID-19. Those who came to give birth from the region end up in the regional maternity hospital in Annenki only with a negative test for coronavirus. Women in labor with suspicion or a positive result are transferred to the maternity hospital on Gorky.

“We do not demand masks from women in labor in delivery rooms,” she replied senior nurse of the department of gynecology of the city maternity hospital Oksana Shmeleva… “Doctors take delivery in full protection, the born baby is transferred as quickly as possible to a conditionally clean area, where he is examined by a neonatologist, and after a negative PCR of the mother, they stay together.”

As the healthcare provider notes, breastfeeding is really only maintained through expression. In addition, relatives can pick up a child without a mother upon presentation of a negative COVID-19 test.

In the meantime, the restrictions associated with the pandemic began to be gradually canceled, and hospital beds returned to their usual profile.

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